Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our California Adventure Part Four

Wow. I STILL have not finished up this series! Best hurry up as we're off for a mini vacation to Edenton NC next week and I'll have to write about THAT!)
Mrs. B
We did go see the museum at the resort yesterday afternoon; not a lot to see. We thought about eating dinner at the resort restaurant but realized we had sufficient leftovers to eat on. So, yet again, we ate in. Ok by us (especially since today in LA we stuffed ourselves!) We finished watching "Leather Heads"; last night; it was fine but not fantastic.
It was great seeing Debbie and Pam again today! Why is it that you miss people more when you see them? The three of us had wonderful times together all those years ago and many special times one on one.
Anyway, we left the resort this morning around 10:30 am and met Debbie at Lido in Redondo Beach (one of my favorite old haunts) at 12:30 for lunch. Other than her being being a tad bit self-conscious (understandable, but, IMO not warranted because she really looks fine (and SKINNY)), all was well. We had a nice lunch, then, went back to her place until 5:30 when we met Pam at Kincaid's (unfortunately, a few other folks who said they might come did not show up).

Mrs. B and Debbie

Pam looks fantastic; hard to believe she'll soon be 64 years old!
Debbie and Mr. B at Kincaid's

I'm glad we made the trip up there even though it was a two hour each way drive and that Mark was willing to do the driving AND sit through all of our gabbing!
Now we're relaxing after our evening cigar on our balcony and gearing up for our 10:24 am tee time tomorrow...
...Golf was ok. I really need more practice, though. It was, at times, a frustrating outing! But, it was a lovely day. In fact, we've had perfect weather our entire trip.
Fountains Course
Mr. B putts
Mrs. B...does something, not sure what!

Peri and Michael got to the resort around 3:45. We went out to dinner to Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido. Stone had been at the World Beer Festival in Durham last month and we liked their beers. Their restaurant is a nice place; huge! It's in a somewhat unusual setting (industry park). We got lost trying to find it AND getting back to the resort. The food (and beer) was excellent.
Us at Stone

Peri and Michael spent the night with us (since we had the extra bedroom) and we all stayed up too late chatting and drinking wine.
Tomorrow is our last day! Kathleen has helped us plan a group wine tasting party starting at Thornton Winery (the champagne place) for lunch. Michael has some suggestions for wineries off the beaten track (it can be quite crowded in Temecula on a Saturday). Should be a fun day!

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