Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

,Wow. Here it is the end of the year already. And, even though the year is not quite over, we've already made many plans for the coming year. This living in the present concept is one that, in all honesty, I still have difficulty with!
2008 was a full, full year. We'd hoped going into it that it would be better than 2007 was. Thinking back, I'm not sure I remember why we thought 2007 was so awful. I suppose that is one thing about the past; it never seems as awful the further away from it you get than it was when it was right there in your face.
So, 2008. Some good things, some yucky things, sad times, great times. Although I captured most of this in our annual holiday letter, it seems fitting to document some of these events right here on my Blog.
Poor Lucy underwent treatment for heart worm. Pretty icky stuff and we had to keep her quiet and calm for about six weeks. Man, was that tough. Also, Clyde underwent several chemo sessions. We joked that we were going to pay for Uncle Chuck's (our vet) next car! Seriously, Chuck and all the others at Tri Vet were wonderful to all of us during this difficult time. We had a visit from dear friend Peri. Mr. B made us a few gourmet meals, Peri tossed back a few Gin martinis and she got to see several members our our family, including the newest (at that point) Kendal. Oh, and Peri and I saw probably the best movie (IMO) of the year, "Juno".
Mom and Lucy took off for a two week trip to Florida to visit with Mom and Dad B, Father and Margot and Mom and Dad T. We had a fantastic time, despite the fact that poor Mr. B was not with us. Unfortunately February brought a very sad time for us as well in that we lost our Sweet Pal Clyde after a brief (but valiant) fight with colon cancer. Good old Clyde lived a full, long 15 1/2 years.
March, for the most part, was one long dreary month due primarily to Mr. B being in the midst of tax busy season. Thankfully, we finally re-rented our townhouse out and we had a nice family gathering at our house for Easter. Frankly, I don't recall much more about March than this. Sorry if I slighted someone by forgetting something :-)
Like most of March, the first part of April basically sucked lemons. But, it improved vastly around the 12th beginning with a memorable baby shower at Piedmont for Jon and Shannon, followed quickly by my trip to Missouri with mom and Lucy to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder home and museum in Mansfield. Mom and I always travel well together and this was no exception. Thank God by the time I returned, Mr. B was done with busy season and ready for a much calmer May.
Looking back, May turned out to be the month for wine festivals. We went to Rock of Ages Cork and Pork Festival in early May and then to the annual NC wine festival at the end of the month held in Tanglewood. We stayed an extra day and golfed. We also celebrated our 3rd anniversary in May and breathed a huge sigh of relief when we got the news that Lucy was heart worm free.
The highlight of this month was certainly the long awaited birth of my brother and sister in law's twin daughters. Also in June, Mom and Dad B visited and The Kid turned Sweet Sixteen. We traveled to Puerto Vallarta for a week long vacation (this was a hit and miss experience!) Oh, and our hardwood floors were finally replaced. They looked fantastic...until September :-)
Most of this month was spent in last minute preparations for the big family reunion at the end of the month/early August. Additionally, we started our own LLC (small business) so that I could do some HR consulting work for an old pal. We also went to a few Bulls games (although it seemed the majority of our games got rained out!) I was roped into to joining the Durham Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors as Secretary (this has proven to be one of those AFOGs!) Sister Kathy came to vist (for the reunion) the last week of July and the reunion began July 31st out at Falls Lake.
The first few days were tied up with the reunion with the official event being held at our house on the 2nd. The rest of August was spent in either recuperating from the reunion or getting readjusted to "working" (this I put in quotes as I'm not really sure that is what it's been; but, yes, I did earn my first pay check in over five years!) Mr. B celebrated a birthday!
Another relatively slow month with the exception of Kendal's first birthday party and Mr. B working hard to meet busy season part two's deadlines. Also, quite a bit of consulting work and DSO activities.
Margot came for her annual fall visit and we, as always, had a smashing time (even though Mr. B was still slaving away at work). Margot and I kept ourselves occupied, though. We all went to the World Beer Festival where we hooked up with Jon and Shannon and their girls and had a super time. Towards the end of October, we headed to Southern California for a ten day vacation (something I am still blogging about). What a memorable time that was. It warmed my heart!
After returning home from our vacation, we turned our thoughts to the holidays. Also, as Mr. B predicted while we were in California, I found our two new family additions a week after we returned at a local Pet Smart. After a week of waiting, we brought Pete and Lily, brother and sister kittens, home on November 15th. November was sort of an icky month for me health-wise but everything turned out okay! Thanksgiving at mom and dad's was extra special, too.
The first part of this month was all about the DSO's Holiday Pops concert on the 5th. Once that passed, I was able to relax a bit and look forward to my annual birthday dinner (made especially for me by Chef Mr. B) and Christmas. We decided to host Christmas this year at our house. Although it was not quite the same without Mom and Dad B, Jon, Shannon and the girls, or either of my sisters, it was still special, especially as our newest addition to the family, Nathaniel and Analee's daughter Holly Noelle, born just three days before Christmas, was with us (she slept the entire time, but, she WAS with us!)
In recalling the year here, I've realized it really was more good than bad (with the exception of the economy, which, since I can't do anything about, what is the sense of wailing?) And, it is certainly going to end on a most different note than usual as we are going to a Carolina Hurricane's game tonight with several members of our family. This is a first!
Here is hoping that 2009 is a wonderful year for us...for our families...for our friends...and for all of you whom I don't even know, but who faithfully read my Blog.
Mrs. B

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