Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Bit Of A To Do

So, yeah. Christmas Day was fun. We had a wonderful visit with mom and dad and then later Nathaniel, Analee and their children. I posted pictures on Facebook; will get around at some point to adding a link under "Mrs. B's Stuff" on this site.
One of the presents Ms. Goose received from her Uncle Jon and Aunt Shannon (and the girls) was a big gingerbread man made out of rawhide. Oh boy!
As is typical of her, she carried it around in her mouth a while and then left it lying on the floor. She will do this with a rawhide bone for several weeks (carry it around but not chew it) .
Our bad, though. We forgot it was lying on the floor. Several hours later, Pete ventures downstairs and walks over to it and sniffs at it. We were all sitting around the dining room table and were not paying attention.
Well, Lucy WAS paying attention and she, upon seeing Pete over by HER chewy, ran over and growled at him in a most ferocious manner. Pete scampered safely away and Ms. Lucy got her ass thrown out in the backyard.
So, the bottom line is, Lucy cannot have any sort of goodie or chewy at all when the cats are around (or any other animal, for that matter). I am surmising that this protective/possessive behavior of hers arose from her time being a stray when she likely had to fight other creatures off for scraps found near garbage cans, recycling bins, etc. She is not this way with her toys or even her dinner and water bowls.
In our household (and any household we visit), this is completely unacceptable behavior and Mr. B and I know we have to work with her on this and it goes beyond just not letting her have something. We've been dithering about taking her back to school (again, our bad for not doing it sooner). This recent episode, combined with her recent untoward behavior towards cousin Maggie the dog at Thanksgiving, has cinched it. She's gotta go back to bitch school.
In the meantime, she's spending a great deal of time outside. Like a dog should, I guess. Maybe we've pampered her too much, I don't know.
Thankfully, Pete is ok. She didn't attack him so much as she stood over him and growled at him. Unfortunately, cats have very long memories and he's not terribly willing now to forgive her behavior. Before this incident, they were pals. He'd cuddled with her on her bed, sniff her, rub her, even play with her. Now, he is very cautious around her and looks over his shoulder as he walks by her. We're hoping that over time (and with Lucy being on her best behavior) he'll forget soon enough. It is sort of sad, though, to see their friendship come to such a screeching halt. I really wish he would have let her have it with his claws across her snout. That might have been sufficient detraction to keep her from ever doing anything like this again.
As for Lily, she could care less. She strolls by Lucy with her tail in the air and pays her no never mind at all.
Sigh. Drama!
Judging from these pictures taken earlier this afternoon, Pete is not terribly traumatized!

And neither is Lily!
Mrs. B

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