Tuesday, February 4, 2014

50...Just Like 49!

So what the heck, right?  Where have I been?  In general, I've noticed a decided falling off in my writing, ALL of my writing.  I've been on my current journal (notebook) for three years.  This would have been unheard of 10 or 15 years ago when I filled up a notebook with my scribbling deep thoughts in a few months.

The other night as I was writing in the current one (and really had to force myself to do so), I realized I'm pretty much over myself these days.  My life in present form is good; steady and basically calm and peaceful (and whatever blips there are just ain't that interesting).  What else could I write about now that could possibly top all the dirt and juicy tid-bits I wrote about in my salad days?  Come to think of it, it may actually be a great idea to just toss them all (but I probably won't).

So, this Blog.  I may have shot my wad with this, too.  I'll have to mull it over some before I pull the plug. Maybe I'll get a revival of interesting story ideas; it's fairly apparent not many folks are titillated by my spiritual musings but I may turn this into a spot for me to play around with Christian-based writing.  I've been trying my hand at a few Devotions; so, if they don't get published anywhere else, I can always post 'em here.

In the meantime, the beat goes on in the House of B.  It's tax season, which means we are busy.  In addition to this, we're taking a Disciple II (Bible study) course that is fairly intensive and I'm in training to become a Stephen Minister (commissioned April 2014).

As for the age thing, well.  It's true what they say.  It's just a number; one I'm happy to have reached.  The big 5-0 birthday trip to New Orleans and 9 night Caribbean cruise was just about perfect.  I am one very blessed old broad.

Mrs. B