Monday, May 5, 2008

What the Heck People Search On?

So, I noticed today while on Yahoo's home page (why I did I not notice this before since it's always there?) the ten top "searches".
This morning, I was highly amused to see these as the top ten because some of them are so, well, completely out of the blue (not all, but, in contex of the rest of the list, it cracked me up!):
01. Mariah Carey (I guess because she supposedly got married to some Rap dude)
02. Gwyneth Paltrow (Why? Who knows!)
03. Kentucky Derby Odds (A bit late for this one; hint: don't bet on the filly)
04. Barbara Walters (I suppose because she's recently disclosed having an affair; WHO CARES!)
05. Made of Honor (I think this is some new movie with the dude that plays "Dr. Dreamy" on Grey's Anatomy)
06. Tom Cruise (Again, why?)
07. Quiet Riot (Cum On Feel the Noise, Girls, Rock Your Boys; yeah, that's a real song but why are they in the news?)
08. Jose Canesco (Must be a ball player)
09. Sistine Chapel (Huh?)
10. Strawberry Recipes (Are you reading this, Mr. B?)
And, now, a few hours later:
01. Scarlett Johansson (Again, I think she's either engaged or got married)
02. Gretchen Wilson (Have no idea who this is)
03. Tom Hanks (HIM again?)
04. Myanmar (This I understand)
05. Microsoft and Yahoo (Not all seekers are idiots)
06. Dark Night Trailer (Lookie Loos wanting to see a dead Heath Ledger as The Joker)
07. Clay Aiken (HIM again?)
08. National Teacher Day (A good thing, but, with the likes of Clay Aiken?)
09. Ethanol Fuel (Must be the same folks that searched on Microsoft and Yahoo)
10. Pittsburg Penguins (Maybe they are doing well? We saw them play the Hurricanes; nasty fans).
Mrs. B

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Mr. B said...

10. Strawberry recipes - you can bet it wasn't me, honey!!!

Not quite sure how they calculate what the top searches are, but I doubt that the top 10 would all change in a few hours. They must reset the counter every few hours otherwise you would expect Myanmar or Yahoo-Microsoft and some of the others to remain in the top ten.