Friday, May 2, 2008

Brother Jon Nailed It...

Mrs. B and Her Boys 1993

...when he observed, in reference to my post "Labor of Love", the following:

"Going from 2 to 1 to 0 kitties is tough. Assembling Clyde's album has to be difficult since that chapter of your life is complete".

There is so much truth to this, on some many different levels.
I still miss Nigel, of course I still miss Clyde, and I always will miss them. Even though I had them each for a period of time without having the other, they will always be TOGETHER in my mind; NIGEL AND CLYDE.
The thing is, between when I got Nigel (mid March 1991) and when Clyde passed away (end of February 2008), just short of 17 years had elapsed. Think about that; almost two decades. And, during that time, the three of us went through a lot together; "to hell and back", and, there were moments when I truly felt all I really had going for me were Nigel and Clyde. Certainly, they kept me sane.

So, to put it into perspective, here's some food for thought relative to how long I had Nigel and/or Clyde:
  • Longer than my first marriage lasted
  • ALMOST as long as Mr. B's first marriage lasted
  • Longer than we've had one or another George Bush in office
  • Longer than my entire career at TRW
  • Longer than The Kid has been alive

Mrs. B


Doc Thornburg said...

Longer than all my marriages combined.

Glad I can laugh at that now!

Mrs. B said... bet is that #3 will last longer than my 17 years w/ N&C :-)

Mr. B said...

Well, maybe it latest almost as long as my first marriage, but I know that you miss them a whole lot more than I miss my first wife.

Heck, I miss Nigel and Clyde more than I miss my first wife. No comparison. I just wish I had been around for more of those years with the four of you.