Monday, May 19, 2008

A Few of Mrs. B's Quirky Interests Part Two

Betcha thought I forgot about this "series", huh? Nah, never!

I am NOT referring to the crappy daily blurbs in the local newspaper. Those things are a bunch of hooey (and, if you pay attention, on any given day, they are almost all the same, or, they rotate them; meaning, you might see Virgo's Monday horoscope pop up for Leo on Friday).

No, I actually read quite a bit about this, I mean in-depth, and, taught myself to cast charts. I did my own first (of course) and what it told me about me was amazingly spot on. Pretty creepy, actually. There's so much to this that it really deserves its own entry. Suffice it to say; it's really interesting stuff.

One other thing; you may not actually be the sign you think you are. Say what? Well, most people look at the little blurbs in the paper and see where their b-day falls within the provided date ranges and assume they are that sign. However, that may not be the case if you are born on what they refer to as "The Cusp" (either the very beginning or the tail-end of any sign's date range).

In order to determine what sign you are for certain, all it takes is the knowledge of your birth date, what time you were born, and WHERE you were born. Depending on the year and the location, someone who thinks they are an Aries, might, in actuality be a Taurus.
Mr. B is a fantastic example of this. His b-day is August 22nd. All standard date ranges would indicate he's a Leo. Well, anyone who knows Mr. B might right away think, "Hey, he doesn't seem like a Leo to ME!" (Leo's typically being bombastic, larger than life, gregarious, in the spot-light (and WANT to be there), childish, tend to pout if they don't get attention, etc.)

Does that sound like Mr. B to you?
So, I looked him up in my table and, lo and behold, on the year he was born, the time and the place, VIRGO is actually his sun sign.

Virgos; calm, analytical, a bit shy, reserved, can be "loners", etc.

Another very interesting thing about astrology is discovering what your moon sign is. This is the sign that is closely related to how you feel about YOURSELF, your emotional state, your important character traits (which may not always be what you show to the world (which is your sun sign)).

I discovered that my moon sign is Capricorn, which is a much more stable, practical, detail-oriented, responsible, dependable, etc. sign than my sun sign, the happy go lucky big oaf and big mouthed Sagittarius (although I do certainly embodied many of Sagittarius's traits, such as love of travel and devotion to family and friends).

Anyway, if you go beyond the boring crap in the paper or the silly things you find on the web, there's a lot to astrology.

If you wanna know more, let me know. You might be able to talk me into casting your chart!

Mrs. B


* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

well, i'm not much of one to "believe in" astrology, however it is somewhat interesting. accd to your description, i also am definitely a virgo!

Mr. B said...

Well, you definitely have my description as you said.

You know we could put up a sign "Mrs. B's Tarot reading and astrology" out front and you could go into business. That would drive the neighbors crazy, wouldn't it?