Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Few of Mrs. B's Quirky Interests Part Three

And, speaking of The Tarot...

Mr. B commented on my last post that I should hang up a shingle and offer both Astrological chart casting and the reading of Tarot cards. Not a bad idea! I used to say (after I quit my HR job) that one thing I thought would be "fun" to do would be to travel around Europe, hang out in pubs and such, and read the Tarot for folks.

The Sacred Rose Tarot Deck (this is the one I use)

Almost 10 years ago, one of my friends in Colorado Springs taught me how to read Tarot cards. She got me going on the basics and, me being me, I bought several books and my own deck of Tarot cards and off I went. For a period of about three years, I read my own cards on a very frequent basis and, from time to time, did readings for family and friends. My favorite spread to do is the Celtic Cross, although, there are many others that can be used.

The Celtic Cross Spread

If some people get freaked out by Astrology, then, they tend to really get creeped out by the Tarot. I think it's unwarranted, though, because the Tarot is not meant to be a prediction of the future (as some readers would have you believe) but, rather, a guide to help you mull over different aspects of a problem. A visual aid, if you will. Especially if one is using the Celtic Cross because there are a lot of aspects to this spread; a look into the past, the present, the people and things that are influencing the question/issue/problem and, possible outcomes. Unlike an Astrological chart which is, in essence, basic information about a person based on when and where they were born (although if you get into looking at the various "houses", it can get much more detailed), a Tarot reading requires that there be a question, issue or problem that the inquirer is concerned about. A good reader would never attempt to say, "This or that is definitely (or definitely not) going to happen". Rather, laying out the cards, explaining what they mean in the context of their position (The Tower, for example, a very strong card meaning upheaval and change has a completely different meaning if it's in a past position versus a present or future one)

The Tower

and their location relative to other cards in the spread is similar to laying out the bits and pieces of the problem itself (how did it come about, what's going on now, who is involved, what are different solutions). For some, it is easier to find the answer to their question, issue or problem by approaching it from a completely new angle.

That's all there really is to it.

Some people find themselves identifying with one or more particular cards from the Tarot (and, obviously, this could change based on what is going on in that person's life). They may find that card continually popping up in their spreads. Another very fascinating aspect of this which I have personally seen (having done a lot of readings on myself) is how a certain card might show up in a (potential for the future) position, then, over time, it moves into a present position, and then, finally into a past position.

Always a nice card to get in your spread!

So, yeah, I can read Tarot cards. I don't think, though, that I'd be terribly interested to do a reading on a person I knew nothing about. I've found that, as a reader, it helps to know at least a little bit about the person and their character to do a reading for them. The cards make more sense/are easier to interpret if you have some idea of the context of what is going on.

But, I don't know; you'll have to ask someone I've done a reading for and see what they think!

"My" card

Mrs. B

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