Monday, May 12, 2008

Our First Bulls Game of the Season: Crappy Weather As Usual

I've been going to Durham Bulls games on a regular basis now for four years. For the past three, we've been season ticket holders. Last night was our first game. Well, technically, our first game would have been April 12th but due to Mr. B's crazy work schedule, we couldn't go. Mr. B did go to a game with dad the following week (mom, Lucy and I were gallivanting about in the mid-west). But, OUR first game was last night.

And, true to form, the weather sucked.

Four years ago, I went to the first home game of the season with my brother. It was mid-April and FREEZING outside. I mean, it was so cold, I think there was ice floating around in my beer.

The next year the weather wasn't much better. And, that particular season, we had a ton of rain delayed games or cancelled games.

The following year (last year), our first game was supposed to be April 21st but we were in FL so we scheduled it for the first part of May. It was so cold, our toes were numb for hours after we left (and we didn't stick around past the 4th or 5th inning because we were out in Diamond View where the wind was fierce).

Last night, we were in our regular seats (under cover) BUT it poured down rain about 1/2 hour before game time. Luckily, we were still at home and knew not to go down there yet. By the time we got there, it had stopped raining but the seats were all wet, it was damp and chilly and the wind was blowing.

We made it until the sixth and decided to give it up. I mean, I'd only drank 1/2 of my beer at that point!

To me, baseball is not a sport meant to be watched while your knees are knocking together and your teeth are chattering and you have no interest what-so-ever in your beer.

Oh, and they lost.

So, for whatever reason, true to our own little tradition, the weather sucked on our first game of the season.
Our next game is this coming Sunday and I'm praying for 85 degrees, baby!

Mrs. B

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Mr. B said...

Yes, hard to believe we were in shorts sitting in the sun Saturday and almost frozen the next. Wasn't as cold as the last opening day we went to, but still wasn't very comfortable.

Hopefully next Sunday will be better.