Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Fortune Smiled On Us Today

I took Lucy to the vet today for her heart worm re-check. You might recall earlier this year, she was diagnosed with heart worm (pretty unusual given she didn't have it a year ago and she's so young). So, we had her treated (a pretty aggressive procedure involving arsenic) and she had to stay "calm" for about six weeks. You can imagine what THAT was like! Plus, all of this was going on in the midst of poor Clyde's illness, surgury and eventual death.

Anyway, as you probably surmised by the title of this entry, SHE IS CLEAN! No more bad wormies in our pooch.

Needless to say, "mom" is terribly relieved, as I am sure "dad" will be once he gets the good news!

Mrs. B

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Margot said...

That is wonderful news! Tho I couldn't believe that she'd be less than heartworm free after all the cavoorting she did here on your visit this spring. Congratulations, Lucy!!!