Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Great Undies: An Endorsement From Mrs. B

Ok, guys, you probably won't care about this (and if you do, well, keep it to yourself, please)!

I was at Chico's lingerie store, Soma, last week with mom. We were looking at all of the pretty things and I was looking in particular for something they call "Vanishing Edge". Well, they had a huge display of the stuff right up front. The sales person (who, I have say, was one of those "annoying" ones who hover around; she almost lost my business) told us they were TO DIE for, everyone was buying them, etc. And, of course, they were on sale.

So, I decided to try 'em out and buy a few undies and camis.

Thankfully, the woman told me to buy one size up for certain styles because they run small.

I did.

I tried a pair out Saturday under a pair of white shorts. At first, I was really upset because they DID seem REALLY small; and, even though it was a size up, I was thinking they were not going to fit.

But, I persisted, and, damn, if there was no line, you couldn't even tell I had anything on, which was the point.
Not only was nothing visible, after awhile, I realized I couldn't even FEEL them. So, almost like wearing nothing
Today I'm wearing another style (boy shorts) which usually bunch up and look up crap under anything. Yet again, you can't see them and I can't feel them and they are staying right in place.

So, ladies, I'd highly recommend you try these out. They are not really cheap, but, there's always a sale going on or buy so many get so many free. And, oh, they are MACHINE WASHABLE, too!

Mrs. B

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* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

it is always to know where to get good underwear. i like the gilligan and omalley brand from target. they are so comfy and fit me well. they last pretty good, and don't really have lines (unless i'm wearing something too tight that i shouldn't be wearing). they are 2 for $10, so that is a good price. next time you are in target, pick up a pair (or 2)!