Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

1. We watched "Sweeney Todd" last night (the flick with Johnny Depp). TERRIBLE! God, why did we bother? It was like he was reprising his Edward Scissorhand role twenty-odd years later except Edward has gone a tad bonkers. Seriously, the character in "Todd" did resemble Edward Scissorhands; even down to the crazy hair (except it's got a streak of white in it and now he's using razors instead of scissors). Bring back Cap'n Jack Sparrow!

2. We had our first "issue" last night of neighbors being noisy late into the night. They were obviously having a BBQ or something but they were sitting outside well past 11 yammering on and being quite loud; plus, the music kept increasing in volume. Mr. B finally shouted at them to turn the music down. After a few mumbled apologizes, they did; they kept up the talking and giggling and girl-shrieking for another 1/2 hour or so, though. I told Mr. B that he should get up early the next morning and "get them back" by mowing our backyard.

3. Our next door neighbor must have had the same thought because HE was out mowing HIS yard before 8 this morning. So much for sleeping in.

4. So, the Indy 500 is tomorrow. Last year, we were there for it. I have to admit I'm cool being in front of a TV this year; it's a fun thing to do a few times in your life, but, it really is a hassle. Anyway, North Carolina isn't much into IRL (Nasty-Car being their venue of choice); there is hardly anything in the paper about it and we can't figure out what time the race starts; we have seen both noon and 1:00 reported.
5. I think one of the best news stories I saw this past week was about a lost parrot who was able to tell someone its home address so he got back home. The rest of the news has been either depressing and sad or irritating.

7. My allergies are wrecking havoc on me. Seriously, it's been AWFUL this season. Now, I've got "the itchies". Everything itches!

8. We're about two months out from the big family reunion which will be held here at our house August 2nd. My cousin's wife and I are full-bore into planning/implementation and have received a lot of help from our siblings/cousins. It's gonna be something!

9. But, before that, the B's will be headed to the wine festival next weekend in Tanglewood and then Puerto Vallarta in June. Can't wait!

10. Today is "futz around the house" day, so, I'd best get to it!

Mrs. B

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Margot said...

I, too, read about the parrot in Japan. Presumably he speaks Japanese. & that he was mum w/the police but bared all to the vet. So sorry about your allergies!