Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Old Photo Album

I have A LOT of photo albums (just check the box in the garage and the a few of the bookshelves upstairs) however there is one in particular that has always been very special to me. Why? Because it is the very first one that I went through and labeled all of the pictures (something I continue to do to this day with all those that have followed in its footsteps).
I even remember the point in time that I did this. It was 1986.
The pictures themselves are a somewhat rag-tag collection. I have a few from my early childhood, some of my brothers and sisters, my parents; even one or two of my maternal great-grandmother and HER parents (courtesy of my mom). The majority of the pictures in this album, though, are from (roughly) 1983-1986; my college years (with pictures of my brothers living their parallel lives thrown in for good measure, as well as recordings of certain family events like b-days or Christmases).
Well, this album finally bit the dust. I mean, it's been falling apart for years (hell, it IS over 20 years old) and it's had a lot of face time. It's the ONE album, despite how old it is, that isn't in the box of albums in the garage (this is where the ones of my life with my first husband reside).
So, I went to Target and bought a brandy-new album with the intention of transferring the pictures into it. Just now (well, about an hour ago), I started the process of removing the pictures from the old album. This was difficult at times since a few had been glued in (and, I'm sorry to say, a few bit the dust as they tore in half as I attempted to get them out of the album). Also, there were several that I just left in the album where they, along with the album, will meet their ultimate destiny in the garbage can (let's just say there were a few certain guys that I'd just assume NOT remember plus a few of some old friends engaged in what others might view as questionable activities (no Michael Phelps drama here, please)).
I thought, frankly, that this would be a fun way to spend a few hours this evening, but, in all truth, after I'd finished getting the pictures out, I was feeling slightly sad so I've decided to shelve the project for now (the pictures all went into several large envelopes where I'll sort through them and reorganize them for their new home at some point in time).
I guess it's normal to feel sad and/or depressed after looking at what amounted to 23 years of my life; people who are no longer with us, friends I no longer see, cherished pets (at times forgotten now) come back to life, memories of fun time long since past as well as some memories that I'd just assume not remembered. Sigh.
However, I suppose I should be thankful (and I am) that there are more people in those pictures than not who are still in my life. My parents, my siblings and several dear friends. Some of the pictures are out and out hysterical; like the one of me and my friend Patrick in a hotel room in Las Vegas all dressed up to go out on the town; I don't know who had bigger, fuzzier hair, him or me! And, the one of my friend Peri, fresh home from her first trip to NYC, wearing sunglasses that resembled the Statue of Liberty. And, the one of my friend Kathleen holding up a magazine picture of a (then very young) Ricky Schroeder and pretending to be fawning all over him. And, the one of Kathleen and me on the day we graduated from college; I have to admit, these made me smile a bit.
Still, and maybe it's because I miss Mr. B, they mostly made me melancholy. So, no more visits to the past for me, at least for now.
Mrs. B


Margot said...

Aren't you blessed to (1) have such good memories of those times & (2) the pix to remind you. Scan em (the pix) quick!

Analee said...

yea! scan the funny ones!

i was SO inlove with ricky schroeder

katelyn - my sister - i wanted her name to be kate, like his mom on silver spoons. mom said no though, wanted katherine or something like that, but then there was this show - airwolf (i'm sure you remember it) one of the character's real name was katelyn. spelled like that. that was what we settled on. :)

Analee said...

no it wasn't! it was spelled caitlin, i just checked. well, we must have changed it to katelyn that way i could have my "kate."

Doc said...

I'd be interested in seeing the pictures. I'm all for sharing the wealth, and even tagging them on facebook ;-)

As long as I don't look like Boss Hogg in any of the pictures...