Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Testing 1 2 3! advances for me slowly but surely. I am posting this entry via the text messaging feature on my cell phone! Now I can Blog while, say, waiting in line at the DMV or while sitting in a boring meeting. Oh, wait! I no longer have to do that! I am limited to 1,000 characters and spaces, though. I can also post pictures. Hey, this could prove to be fun! I wonder if any comments I receive on postings sent via cell phone will be forwarded back to my cell phone? Guess I will find out.

You all can probably tell that I am reaching the limit of self-entertainment. Thank God Busy season ends at midnight tonight!

To test the picture thing, here is a picture I just took of Lucy.

Mrs. B


Mrs. B said...

Testing the comment thing.

BTW, the cell phone adds a bunch of crap to the end of the posting (which I just deleted using my home lap top). A definite down side, but, still cool!

Analee said...

the day is almost over! is he home yet??? if he is i'm sure he's sleep, but at least he is at home!