Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Diet's Gone By The Wayside + A Great Cookie Recipe

At least for the past four days. Seriously, I've been TRYING to stick with it (I was at 119 Wednesday morning) but, since Mr. B is now home (and we've had a busy past few days), well, I'm sure I've put a pound or two back on. I'm afraid to weigh myself. Maybe I will tomorrow morning when, hopefully, it will be easier to stick to a diet when I'm by myself all day. We'll see. I DID allow myself to lose four pounds more than I'd originally planned on for just this very reason (knowing I'd put a few back on).
Ok, enough. I'm NOT obsessing about this!
To prove it it, here is a recipe for some peanut butter cookies I made today (to share at the Pops in the Park concert with whomever ends up going; it's threatening rain, though; so there may very well be no picnic, in which case, the cookies will go to work with Mr. B tomorrow!)
Anyway, the recipe. Click on the link, below.
We each sampled one; yum yum. About 140 calories per cookie but they are relatively large and very rich.
And, pretty easy to make. Try 'em when the refrigerated cookie dough goes on sale!
Mrs. B

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Analee said...

well, you DID say that you knew you'd gain a few pounds once he was back home. so, you already planned for it.

eat away! at least you have someone to eat with now!!!