Friday, April 10, 2009

Ho Hum...Not MUCH Going On...

I feel like I should write SOMETHING just so my last entry isn't from TUESDAY!
Frankly, though; there ain't a lot going on. Or, rather, nothing terribly exciting. Same old same old. I'm sure gonna be happy come next Wednesday/Thursday when BS is over!
My Father sent me a brand new set of golf clubs for an early Xmas present. Ok, that was sorta exciting :-) Of course, I can't use them until the pollen goes away, but, they are here, waiting for me.
I went to the opening home game of the season for the Durham Bulls last night. Actually, I was there to hand out postcards advertising the upcoming free concert series for the DSO. For about 45 minutes or so, I stood at the top of the stairs with a stack of these postcards giving them to anyone who would take one. I learned very quickly to say "FREE concerts!" I think a lot of folks ended up with the notion they had to have the postcard to get into the concert (not true, but, hey, they were taking 'em off my hands!) Only a few people were rude butts. Note to self: From now on, just TAKE whatever someone is trying to hand you as you walk by. No big deal to just toss it away if you don't want it. Hopefully, though, we'll get some folks to come to the Pops concerts as a result of our efforts (there were five other Board of Directors there with me).
So, the night was relatively pleasant weather-wise; the Bulls were winning when I left (sixth inning). And, I was pleased to discover that the ball park is now carrying Fat Tire beer on draft. Yey! It WAS a lot better on draft than in the bottle so I am back in love with it.
I've lost nine pounds in 3 weeks. As I said, it's easier to lose weight/watch what I eat when Mr. B isn't around. Or, maybe I'm just pining away for him? Who knows. In any case, I know some of it's gonna go back on (after the Fat Tire last night maybe it already has!)
I had lunch with my mom today; we did our part to stimulate the economy somewhat. Mostly books and stink-pretty stuff from Bath and Body Works. Oh, and some wine for Easter dinner.
We always have a great time together! However, I apparently didn't learn much from the book I just read ("Animal, Vegetable, Miracle") as I ordered something completely ridiculously out of season for lunch; a Caprese salad. Well, it just sounded good: Tomatoes, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, fresh slices of mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil.
Well, it WOULD have been wonderful, probably, had it been, say, July or August!
As it was, the tomatoes were awful; hard, not a bit of flavor, sorta pale pink in color and the peppers were out of a jar. The basil tasted ok; what there was of it (just a few tiny slivers). I complained about the tomatoes and asked for some lettuce which I mixed up with the peppers and cheese to make the entree passable and the restaurant knocked 50% off the price. Still, my bad.
I made it home just as it started to pour down rain. Poor Lucy was outside (and, as most of you know, she refuses to go into her dog house) so she was wet.
Due to Mr. B having to work on Easter (which sucks), my family (those who are in town) are coming over to our house for brunch. Mr. B feels he can make it home around 1:30 or so and stay for "a bit". So, we'll make sure food is ready to go. Have I mentioned I'll be REALLY happy when BS is over?!
Finally (for now), I am seriously considering fostering some kittens this summer. The outfit we got Pete and Lily from are DESPERATE to find foster homes as they have kittens coming out of their ears. Pete and Lily's foster mom asked me to think about it. We have enough space (to keep them secluded) and everything is paid for. So, we'll see. I'm going to talk to her more about it when we get back from our trip to Charleston at the end of May. I know, I know; maybe I'm-a nutso, but, well, you never know why certain things call to you. Mr. B just sorta rolled his eyes at me but said he wouldn't mind. I assured him we would NOT end up with 15 cats :-)
Ok, time to go watch another old smaltzy movie that I know Mr. B would hate. Tonight's feature presentation: Elmer Gantry.
Mrs. B


Margot said...

Yah... never order fresh toms out of season. They'll taste like red golf balls!

The kitten fostering sounds terrific... once you find out what it entails. Such as... are you going to have to take them every Saturday to Petco to show them off.

If you & Mark were comfortable w/the details, it would give you a lot of satisfaction.

Mrs. B said...

Yeah...I wasn't too keen on that. But, we'll see. I think she told me it is only one day a weekend (and if you can't go you can't go) and it's only a few hours.

Also, other Fosters could fill in if need be and/or watch them if you have to go out of town.