Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip Update: In Sarasota!!!

We're now in Sarasota; arrived yesterday safe and sound. Lucy was very excited to be back in the RV!

Mom and I hung out at the pool for a few hours while Grandpa T dog-sat. Here's a picture of Lucy taken at sunset last evening.

All's thing about being on a nice, relaxing vacation; there is not always a lot to report but...sleep, eat, have fun, talk, sleep, eat, have fun, talk...repeat!
Mr. B reports that life's ok back home; he's busy working long days and the cats are into mischief but doing ok. Thanks to brother Jon for stopping by the other evening and hanging out with them for a while; I'm sure they appreciated the company!
Here's a picture of the two of them helping Mr. B get ready for work this morning:

Until next time!

Mrs. B

Dumb thing posted itself before I had the pictures uploaded. Hopefully they are there now!

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Analee said...

when bo was little he used to love to drink water out of the sink. funny that he wouldn't think of it now.

what bo is now wuse-qui(tty)