Monday, March 2, 2009

A to Z

Another Facebook note that's going onto my Blog since 2/3 of the people on Facebook ignore them, anyway :-) From Analee.
Mrs. B
A - Age: Older than I was last year at this time
B - Beer of Choice: This changes on a frequent basis. Right now I'm partial to Arrogant Bastard Ale
C - Chore You Hate: Cleaning out the lint trap in the dryer
D - Dog's Name: Lucy
E - Essential Item I Use Everyday: Toilet paper
F - Favorite TV Show: No real one favorite; I like I Love Lucy, The Tudors, Dexter and 24. I did like The Office but sort of got burned out on it
G - Gold or Silver: I like both but I look better in gold
H - Hometown: San Diego, CA
I - Instruments You Play(ed): Piano
J - Favorite Juice: Again, this changes. Right now it's Ruby Red Light
K - Whose Butt You'd Like to Kick: Pleading the 5th...
L - Last Place You Ate: As in anything? Sitting right here at the kitchen table noshing on some nuts a few minutes ago. As in out, I believe that was...uh...freak! I can't remember the last restaurant we ate out at! It's been a while. I guess that's good...
M - Mom: Dina and Margot (yes I am lucky enough to have two!) and MIL Roberta
N - Nicknames: Christina (technically my middle name), Framus, Amos, Mousie, E
O - Overnight Hospital Stays: Thankfully only one (when I had my tonsils out at age 4 or 5)
P - Pet Peeve: Dishonesty (see previous post), illogical thinking, disorganization
Q - Quotes You Like: Way way way too many to write down here!
R - Right or Left Handed: Left
S - Siblings: Two sisters (one older, one younger) and two younger brothers
T - Time You Wake Up: Depends on the day and time of year. Now that Mr. B is leaving for work earlier, I'm up earlier
U- Underwear: What about it? I've got a lot of it and wear it frequently :-)
V - Vegetable You Dislike: I don't really care for yellow squash
W - Ways You Run Late: I am hardly ever late and if I am, it's usually due to something out of my control
X-Rays You've Had: Teeth. Maybe my collar bone when I broke it as a child. My hips (bone density screening)
Y – Yummy Food(s) You Make: Burritos, lasagna, white chicken chili, Cajun beans, on and on and on
Z - Zodiac: Sagittarius (but closet Capricorn)

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