Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pete and Lily Update

I have obviously posted quite a bit of late about Lucy (since she was my erstwhile travel companion). Here are a few pictures and items about Pete and Lily!
I thought Lily might have ear mites but, upon further reading and investigation, I don't think she does; especially as they are highly contagious to other animals (and humans) and none of the rest of us are exhibiting signs. I guess she just has itchy ears.
The dumb-dumb cleaning people left one of their feather dusters when they were here yesterday. I put it on the washer in the utility room. A bit later, I was sitting at the kitchen table blogging about the maids ineptitude and heard a noise and a scramble. I turned around to see Lily dragging the feather duster across the floor. Seriously funny, especially since it was almost as big as she was! I posted a video of her carrying it up the stairs plus another one of her and Pete playing with it on my You Tube page, which you can access by clicking under the link under Mrs. B's Stuff (it takes too long to upload videos onto this sight!)
Yesterday was Pete's follow up visit with Uncle Chuck to check on his heart murmur. Unfortunately, he still has it but fortunately, it has not increased past Level 2. Chuck explained the whole thing to me and said, basically, not to freak out about it. Many animals live for 15 or more years with a Level 2 or more. However, IF it gets worse, we will probably have to put him on daily medication. Unlike flow heart murmurs (which a lot of children are born with and ultimately grow out of), Pete will not grow out of this. So, we'll just hope it doesn't get any worse. That's all we can do. In the meantime, Chuck said not to change ANYTHING about how we're treating Pete. Good news, too; Pete gained THREE pounds (apparently side effects of troublesome murmurs can be weight LOSS). Our boy now weights 11.25 pounds. At 8 months. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say Lily weighs somewhere around 7 - 7.5.
Anyway, I'll take Pete back to see Uncle Chuck in six months (not three) so he can continue to monitor the situation.
Here is a great picture of Mr. B and Pete drinking martinis and playing cards (actually taken 3.1.09, I forgot to post it what with all of the excitement of the snow we got that night) and one of Mr. B and his girl a few days earlier.

Mrs. B

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Margot said...

You don't think some of Timmy's ear mites hitched a ride back to Durham? Seriously, I don't think the mites are still with him.

Pete looks very cute, giving card advice to Mr. B. I think Pete will have a long & happy life as a card shark!