Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Again

Just a quickie post here. Lucy and I made it home safely around 6:15 last night. It took us one hour longer to get home than it did to get to Mom and Dad B's two weeks ago. There were a lot of cars heading North (snow birds heading home) plus there was some road paving in both SC and NC which slowed things down. I also stopped several times because, despite the fact I had just experienced a delightful two week vacation, I was EXHAUSTED! I caught myself nodding off at one point so pulled over to get a strong iced coffee. As for the required license plate sighting game, we ended up with 44 out of 50; not bad. I'm sure I missed a few but figured it was not a good idea to crane my head around trying to see what someone's license plate was (in the hopes of getting: Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Hawaii!)
Everything seems fine at home. Lily came running over to see me the moment I walked in. Pete was a tad stand-offish at first but is back to his usual affectionate self (he's on my lap as I type this insistent on getting petted). Both have obviously been having LOTS and LOTS of fun playing with their toys while I've been gone! Mr. B reports that their new favorite thing to do is drag them all into the bathroom, make toy soup (putting toys into their water bowl) and romping in the (empty) bathtub (Lily in particular).
I'm happy to relay that neither appear to be upset with the return of The Goose. If anything, they seem to care less that she's here. I suppose they feel now this is their house and will stop running away from her and, rather, make a stand. They haven't scratched her yet but Lily did swipe at my toe and draw blood last night. Sharp little claws.
Anyway, my mind's a whirl as I try to get organized. I felt this morning as though I was going around and around in circles BUT now, at 3:20, I'm feeling like I'll be sure to get everything under control within a day or so.
We sure had a wonderful, wonderful trip! Many thanks to Mom and Dad B, Father and Margot and Mom and Dad T for their hospitality!
Mrs. B (and Lucy)

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