Monday, September 1, 2008

Lucy Goes Swimming!

Saturday, we all went out to my mom and dad's for the day so that Mr. B and my dad could finish up working on bookcases.
Mom suggested we take "the girls" (meaning their dog Brook and our dog Lucy) for a walk on the boat dock (they live close to a river/lake).
So, we did.

On the way to the boat dock; Lucy's pouting because I told her to lie down!

Hurry up, Grammy!

Being that Lucy is part Lab, I was interested to see if her Lab instincts would kick in near natural water (they definitely did not at my Father and step-mom's house in FL; although she was intrigued by the pool, she never tried to jump in and swim).

She was so excited when she saw that we were headed towards the water. We walked out onto the dock (a fairly short one); her body was tense and rigid; basically, EXCITED!

We walked off the dock and down by the boat ramp where the water lapped up to the underside of the boat dock. Lucy did not hesitate; she walked right into the pool of water and kept on going, splashing around. It must have felt great since it was really hot and humid that afternoon. She was on her leash (I did not want to risk letting her off leash) so she couldn't get out too far (or else risk dragging me into the water with her).

I walked up onto a small bank and drew her back out into the water. It was deep enough there for her to actually swim! It sure was a neat sight to see her paddling away; no worries, no cares in the world. We repeated this process a few times (Brook wanted nothing to do with the water). It would have been cool to let her off leash to see her really go at it, but, I wasn't willing to jump into the muddy water to get her if she swam too far away. So, we'll have to find a nice water hole somewhere that we can take her to swim (and where we can control her). Maybe she'll be more interested in the pool at Father and Margot's now, too!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Lucy's big swim. I had my cell phone but didn't want to risk loosing balance and falling into the water.

I did, though, get a few shots of her and Brook in the back of the car.

Big grin!

Bigger grin!

Mrs. B


Dena said...

boy i bet she stunk when you got home. luna, although a GS, liked water too. everywhere i'd take her, she'd find a pond to jump into. which made for a stinky ride home (pond water stinks as much as wet dog)!

maybe one day you can bring her over and we can go to my grandparent's house. they have a pond (several ponds). and in these days of drought, she may be able to walk across it!

Dena said...

woops, i wrote that not realizing my mom was logged in. so, that (and this) comment was from me, not mom.

Mr. B said...

Well, she did stink somewhat and ended up getting a bath Sunday because she rolled around in the mud. Absolutely covered.