Saturday, September 13, 2008

Debbie's In REMISSION!

My good pal Debbie

Yey! She called me and left a message today to say, although she's still feeling sorta punk, she's officially in remission (lymphoma).
So, for all of you who know my great pal Debbie and have been pulling for her and sending positive thoughts her way, thank you thank you thank you.
You know, news like this makes everything else that might trouble one fade away.
Oh, and Mr. B and I will see her at the end of October when we're in California for our fall get-away.
Now, we can really celebrate!
Mrs. B

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Margot said...

I remember Debbie well from your & Mark's weekend wedding celebration & liked her very much. Please tell her that I'm SO glad she's well again & that I wish her remission lasts for many years.