Monday, September 1, 2008

My Adventures In Italy: Labor Day 2003

Here's what I was doing 5 years ago on this day in Italy (well, I actually wrote about it the following day, but, close enough!) Now, obviously, nothing ever came from meeting "the other" Austrian (definitely nicer looking than Ernst; can't figure out what happened to my picture of Ernst) but it/he made for a nice diversion for a few days! Actually, we DID end up corresponding via email for a few months, but, like a lot of things, it just sort of petered out. Obviously, just as well!

Mrs. B

2 September 2003
It’s been a busy past few days.
Yesterday Luigi asked me to go with him and his two friends (Annabelle (English) and Nicholaus (Austrian)) to Lago di Garda (Lake Garda) after school (yes, school on Labor Day; the Italians do not celebrate US Holidays any more than the Brits celebrate the 4th of July!) Why not? We left around 5p; it took an hour ½ to get there; lots of traffic.
We didn’t do much; walked around the town (called San Sirmione; just one of the several towns around Lago di Garda which is a huge lake; we were at the southern point of it).
Lago di Garda

San Sirmione
Pretty flowers climb a building in San Sirmione

Ok, I have to say I really liked Luigi’s friend Nicholaus (not sure how his name is spelled, don’t even know his last name or much about him at all except he is single and Austrian).
I know I do this often; meet some guy and think “He’s the one!” Maybe I just want there to be “The One” here in Italy? In any case, I enjoyed talking to him, maybe there was a “connection”; not enough time! He’s now gone back to Austria. I could have gone to Venice with the three of them this afternoon but I felt I should stay at school. Now I am kicking myself. Life is too short and once again I let responsibility/duty guide me! I think he wanted me to go; he said as much last night and then again today (when I met him and Annabelle quite by chance outside of school after class).
Annabelle and Nicholaus

But, in addition to responsibility, I let insecurity get the best of me. “Oh, he was just being nice”.
So now he’s gone and here I sit still alone in Verona. But, I told him today I’d get his email from Luigi and write him. So, I will. Maybe I can tell by email if there was “something” there.
Hope springs eternal, in my heart, anyway.
Amy, Luigi and Annabelle eating dinner in San Sirmione; Nicholaus obviously took the picture as I've got on my best "flirt face"!

All else is ok. There is a new batch of students at school, all Americans. I don’t really want to be with them. I much prefer my international buddies!
Zelia (from Portugal) told me tonight she was worried I’d rather be with the Americans. She also told me I was different from other Americans. I think she meant much nicer.
Hisaka and I will talk Thursday regarding our travel plans once school is over. Now maybe Austria? Ha. Well, stranger things have happened, right?


Mr. B said...

Yes, I'm glad the email did die out. ;-)

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again, beautiful photos!