Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Special Tug Toy

One of my good friends Sue (from my former working days) is such a sweetheart. When my youngest brother and his wife had their son last year, she sent a homemade softie blanket for him. Then, when my other brother and his wife had their twin girls this past summer, she sent not one, but two, softie blankets for them. Sue has never met any of them, yet, she has such a caring heart (and she loves babies); she did it for them just the same.
This time, tucked into the box, was a tug toy for Lucy made out of the softie material.
She loves it!

Lucy and her toy from Sue

Thanks, Sue!

Mrs. B


Mr. B said...

Yes, thank you very much Sue.

* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

she should sell those blankets and dog toys! we love ours, still. she must be a nice lady to send gifts such as those to near-strangers! so sweet!