Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mrs. B Babysits Baby Girls

My new nieces, to be exact; Sophie and Jacqueline.
Now, it's been SOME time since I've been left alone with a baby, let alone TWO babies! But, I was up to the challenge, and, in fact, was really looking forward to getting some bonding time with the girls.
I arrived at Jon and Shannon's around 9; Shannon was ready for me. We talked a bit, she showed me a few things, and, she was off (but not before Jacqueline started to fuss a bit; oh no!) I discovered that she felt pretty comfortable laying on my lap.

Jacqueline comfy on my lap

Actually, both of the girls were REALLY REALLY good for me. Yeah, Jacqueline wanted to be held and rocked; I needed to pick her up a few times until she finally got to sleep, but, she didn't make too much of a to-do. Sophie, what a trooper! She basically sat in her bounce chair and entertained herself until she fell asleep. And she slept. And she slept. And she slept.

Sleeping Sophie

In the meantime, Jacqueline woke up and and started to smile at me. She really got into it; in fact, she was almost coy about it (ok, I know babies are not coy, but, she just looked like she was flirting with me!)

Jacqueline the Flirt

Finally, Jacqueline went out. About 10 minutes before their mommy came home, Sophie woke up. She didn't really fuss but I wanted to pick her up, anyway; wanted to get to hold her some, too!

I changed her diaper (not bad but I'm sure Jon and Shannon might get a kick on how I closed the tabs; darn, diapers HAVE changed since that last baby I diapered; but, at least it stayed on her!)

So, Shannon came home; we chatted a while, each of us holding a baby. Cozy. And, while Shannon was feeding the girls, Raven and I chased off the Jehovas Witnesses that came to the door.

Finally, it was time for Shannon and the girls to go to a class and for Mrs. B to do some errands.

Man, Auntie Mrs. B Tired Us OUT!

All in all, this was a good foray into the realm of babies for me. Now, if they'd both screamed bloody hell for the entire hour or so Shannon was gone, I might have written quite a different entry :-)

Mrs. B


Jon said...

Thanks for helping out! I'm glad you had a great time. You also should be're the first to snap multiple photos of either Jacqueline or Sophie smiling. Both are known for staring blankly as soon as a camera comes out!

Jon said...

Oh yeah, can you send us the photos for our online album?

* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

what a sweet story!
those are 2 laid back little girls. glad your babysitting experience went well!


Shannon said...

Dear Autie B:

Thank you for taking such good care of us while Mommy was out!!!

Sophie and Jacqueline