Friday, March 19, 2010

Pictures From Home

Mr. B has been good about sending me a daily picture of the kitties. Which one he sends mostly seems to depend on who is available that morning. As to be expected, Lily is the most likely candidate but he's managed to get a few nice ones of all of them. Also included in these pictures is one he sent of himself the other day. This after we were taunting him sending him pictures of us soaking up the sun and drinking green beer on St. Pat's. My comment to him on my picture to him, "Soaking up sun". His wry reply back with his picture, well, see below!
Mrs. B

Scrappy (Apollo)
Queen Bee Pee Pee (Lily)
Playboy Pete
Jaba the Butt (Ares)
Pissed off looking Pete, Apollo in the sink, and Lily. Pete's likely mad because Apollo is hogging the sink!
Lily's morning position (sitting on the towel)
Lil' Boop (Athena). Surprised she let dad get that close; she must have decided he's ok!
Someone is definitely NOT happy this morning!
Apollo waiting on his evening ice fix
Evening feeding time; even I don't know who is who except the one on the front left is Lily
Amazed dad got such a great shot of Pete as Pete routinely turns his face from the camera
"Still doing taxes" -- Mr. B

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Analee said...

love the name "playboy pete" ~very appropriate.