Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Little Kids!

Wow, it's SO hard to believe our little three are already one year old today! With the exception of Jaba, they are still so tiny! We love 'em, though. A lot.
Also included here is a picture, taken today, of their sister Hera (now Phoebe) sent by Phoebe's new mom, Emily. She reports that Phoebe is MUCH loved and is very playful. They are having a birthday party for Phoebe later on today (Emily has a young son who wanted to stay home from school to celebrate Phoebe's birthday; very sweet). Phoebe, like Athena and Apollo, is also quite small and hasn't yet grown into her little snaggle teeth/fangs!
Back at our homestead, ours will be receiving Fancy Feast Appetizers (which they'll undoubtedly have to share with Pete and Lily) and are enjoying a lovely afternoon in the sun room watching the birds.
Mrs. B

Lucy gives Ares a birthday smooch (well, sort of)
Bird watching
Hera (now Phoebe)

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