Friday, March 5, 2010

Florida Trip Part One

Lucy and Mom in Ocala 3.4.10

Despite the fact it did eventually snow Tuesday night, Lucy and I were able to leave pretty much right on schedule Wednesday morning at 7:30 am. By the time I pulled out of the driveway, the snow had melted.
Thus began the long but routine drive to Ocala. Mom made it to Fayetteville before I had to avail myself of a rest area. Lucy had to wait until we crossed over into South Carolina (about two hours from our door). There, she was excited to see a passel of feral cats who were hanging out by a storm drain (WHY do feral cats hide in storm drains, BTW? All five of our rescue cats were found in storm drains). Anyway, only one of these kitties, a orange and white fierce looking male, stood its ground until we got too close for comfort and it darted down the drain after its siblings.
No matter how many times I have made this drive (whether by myself, with Lucy, or with Mr. B), it always takes seven hours to reach the Florida border. For the first time ever, there was NO construction going on in Georgia, either. I couldn't believe it and found myself wondering once I hit Florida if I'd somehow bypassed The Peach Tree State.
Once in FL, we pulled over so that I could let my in-laws know we were about 2 1/2-3 hours away. After walking Lucy in the pet area, we continued on our merry way, making it to Ocala right about 5:30 pm. I had noted 27 license plates; pretty good for the first day!
Yesterday (Thursday), Roberta and I went to the Florida Carriage Museum and Resort (recommended by my step-mom). Although it may sound like a yawn festival, it was actually quite interesting. The museum houses well over 160 carriages from all over the world; some dating back several hundred years.
Roberta at the FL Carriage Museum 3.4.10

Most have been beautifully restored. The most impressive was the one that had originally belonged to an Emperor of Austria, which, after his assassination, ended up in Hollywood in a cameo role in "The Prisoners of Zenda" (after spending several years in Mexico).
The Emperor's Carriage. One lamp worth $1.5M!

It was way too chilly to take a carriage ride around the lovely grounds of the resort yesterday; I'm betting one day I'll go back with Mr. B and we'll do so.
Interesting lamps on the carriages

1928 Rolls Royce

Merry Go Round Horses

The weather has been tolerable. Certainly, not as warm as Florida usually is this time of the year but definitely toastier than it was in February. Luckily, the temperature rises a bit every day and by Monday, it should be in the mid 70s.
Lucy and I will be here with Mom and Dad B until tomorrow; then, off to Weeki Wachee for a week, then, we'll continue on down to Sarasota.
All is well and we're having a great time except Lucy seems to have gone on a hunger strike. I suppose her routine is a bit messed up. Mr. B reports that all is fine back at the ranch.
Until next time!
Mrs. B

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