Sunday, March 14, 2010

Florida Trip Part Four

We're down in Sarasota now; we arrived yesterday a bit after noon. It's nice to be back at Sun 'N Fun where I am likely the youngest broad in town (not including the grandchildren who are here in throngs visiting their grandparents and hogging the deck chairs at the pool).
Back tracking a bit. Margot and I went to see "Lil' Abner" Friday night. Father had planned on going but his back started to bother him so opted to stay home. Considering that even MY back was sore at the end of the play (seats not terribly comfy), he made a wise choice. Before we left, I made Mrs. B's "famous" Buffalo Chicken Wraps for them for dinner.
The play was ok; not the worst I've seen but definitely not the best. Of the fairly large cast, two or three were quite good (Mammy Yokum probably the tops). Unfortunately, the chick who played Daisy Mae a) didn't have a great singing voice and b) wasn't all that cute. No, I'm not interested in girls, but, seriously. Daisy Mae was supposed to be really pretty. You'd think in Florida they could have found a cute blonde with a passable voice. And, the woman who played Moonshine McSwine looked like she was 60 or so and ANYTHING but hot. But, hey; a local production, they did put their hearts into it and I got a laugh out of the statue General Jubilation T. Corn Pone (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, rent the movie).
Lucy and I left Weeki Wachee more or less on schedule Saturday morning a bit before 10. The drive down to Sarasota was uneventful (the best kind). I have been listening to "American Wife" on CD in the car and it's quite entertaining; thus, I really don't mind spending time in the car (remind me of this statement in a week or so when I drive back home to NC!)
Mom and I spent a few hours at the pool yesterday afternoon. Despite 45 sunblock, I still got some sun. I taught mom the same card game I'd taught Father and Margot and we proceeded to stay up way too late playing cards, talking and drinking wine.
Daylight Savings Time was upon us this morning. Dad came out of their bedroom around 8:00; barely light. Yes, I am spoiled; dad walked both Brook AND Lucy.
Mom and I wen to see "Annie" at a nearby play house. We went with a crowd from Sun 'N Fun and had fantastic seats. The show was quite good and now I have "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow..." stuck in my head. Not a bad tune to have as an ear worm, I suppose.
Time got away from me this evening; realized it was after 9:30 so quickly called Mr. B who was half asleep. We spoke briefly; all is well in NC and he even managed to get home by 6 tonight so he could do laundry.
Mom and I plan on doing some shopping tomorrow and I'm hoping to find a place to get a quick manicure.
One last note. Lucy has had two run-ins with dogs on this trip; neither really her fault. One was in Weeki Wachee while out on a walk with Margot, the other; today. Both times involved dogs whose owners let them approach her despite my telling them (and obviously indicating by my attempts to keep her away from the dogs) that she was not friendly. Lucy can go from goofy to Cujo in less than one second. Today, the owners looked at me in horror. Thankfully, she mostly just jumps (on them), growls, snarls and slobbers. Still, I wonder why people continue to allow their dogs to approach her, even after I've told them not to and keep trying to back away? Some people really are obtuse. I can't hardly blame Lucy.
Mrs. B


Margot said...

Daisy Mae STUNK!!! Marrying Sam, as well as Mammy, were really good. Friend Carol Flaherty who frequents the playhouse down to New Port Richey said that one takes one's chances there, too. Some plays excellent; others stink or are just ok.

Hopefully, next year will be better!

Margot said...

Lucy's a great girl!!