Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Florida Trip Part Two

All in all, the trip, almost a week gone now (believe it or not), has been uneventful and relaxing. Really, if you consider that Lucy and I descend on three families over the course of three weeks, basically what occurs (for the most part) is that we are absorbed into each family's life/lifestyle. Which is fine by us!
We left Ocala around 11 or so Saturday morning. One very interesting aside. I'd placed a card for my friend Kathleen in the Sr. B's mailbox right before I left. Kathleen received it on MONDAY. She lives in Southern California. I found that almost hard to believe!
We had a safe and relatively quick drive down to Weeki Wachee. Less than an hour and a half. We arrived to find Father out and about and poor Margot home with the stomach flu. Needless to say, Saturday was a very low-key day. Father and I went out around 6 or so to pick up a carry-out pizza (quite good; thin crust cut into squares, everything but anchovies!)
Sunday we hung out reading the paper, etc., in the am; then, Father and I headed up (about 2 miles or so from their house) to The Ramble Inn (the local biker bar) for a few beers. We might have stayed longer but they were having a live band that afternoon (many bikers abounded as the weather was finally sunny and in the high sixties/low seventies). So, back to the house we went where I elected to park my butt out on the pool deck and read my book/smoke a cigar (this is when I took the picture of Lucy posted in my last entry).
Father telling Lucy to sit
Sunday night was relatively quiet; playing cards and watching "Some Like It Hot" and a bit of The Academy Awards (even though I'd seen zero of the nominated films this year).
Monday Father played golf so Margot and I went out shopping at Bealls Outlet (I did find a few things; not too much, though). Then, to the local ABC (booze) store and the regular store. We entertained ourselves in the afternoon watching "Chocolat". Later that evening, the three of us went to Dominick's Steak House for dinner (Sal, the owner, also owns The Ramble Inn). The food was delicious.
Today was extremely low-key. Margot and I hit a few used book stores then watched a NetFlix movie I'd brought called "Bright Star" (about the poet John Keats). Dinner in; and, at almost 9:00, time to call it a day. Well, obviously I am still up blogging and will take advantage of the early night-night call to read (I get to start a new book; yey!)
I've talked to Mr. B each evening and all seems to be fine back home. He thoughtfully sends me a picture each morning of one (or more) of my kitties so that I don't miss them too terribly. He probably should send a picture of himself, too!
It is hard to believe that Lucy and I have been gone a week tomorrow! Time sure flies!
Mrs. B


Jon said...

Warm weather?!? It exists in Florida?

Would you mind bring us back a bottle of Sapphire? Blooter size. (Don't tell the ABC police!)


Mrs. B said...

Jon, it is supposed to be in the high 70s today! Yey!

Sure, I'll bring you a bottle; I'm bringing a stash for Mr. B as well.