Thursday, March 18, 2010

Florida Trip Part Five

Although it rained yesterday morning, the day turned out to have the luck of the Irish! After hitting a few used book stores (this activity could become addicting), mom, dad and I ended up hanging out by the pool for a while drinking green beer and soaking up some much needed and welcomed sunshine.
We had dinner at a really neat place called Urban Flats. Wednesdays are "Wine Down Wednesdays"; which means for $20 per person from 5-8, you can help yourself to all you want from their wine bar (at least three each white and red) and their flat bread/pasta salad and humus buffet. The flat breads we tasted were excellent; a lot of different varieties like buffalo chicken, spicy shrimp, and a fantastic turkey, Brie and pear. The wines were quite good; not the el cheapo variety at all. My particular favorite was a robust Cabernet Sauvignon. Yes, I did write down the name and it is somewhere in my purse.
Here are a few pictures from yesterday, including one of Lucy bedding down for the night last night with her three babies (Hedgehog, Funky Chicken and Pink Pig).
Mrs. B and Lucy

Lucy and Grammy...typical RV morning!
Brook in her AM spot
Amy and Mom poolside
Glad to finally have some warm sunshine
Dad and green beer
Having fun at Urban Flats
Great Cabernet!
Wearing green!
The Goose and her babies

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