Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 2nd Annual Grandparents Tour

Lucy at a rest area on last year's trip
Well, Lucy and I are gearing up for our 2nd trip together to Florida beginning next week. I say "and I", as if to infer that she actually knows what the heck we'll be doing next Tuesday!
We had such a fun trip last year despite poor Clyde leaving us back home on 2/29 (note to self: what day do I consider the anniversary of his passing in a non-leap year? Leave it to Clyde to chose to die on leap year day...bless his little heart). I thought, all in all, that Lucy did very well at each of our stops, including a one night stay in a Red Roof Inn in Jacksonville. This year, though, we'll forgo a stop and surge on ahead to Ocala (last year I wasn't sure how she'd do in the car for long stretches of time, obviously, she did fantastically well).
So, yeah; I've been preparing both us AND Mr. B for our absence. I've got food stock-piled in the freezer for him, have paid all of the bills, made arrangements for nearby family to check in on him (and Pete and Lily) from time to time, etc. I suppose in a way I feel guilty about leaving him, but, quite frankly, I think he prefers this. NOT that I'm gone, but, rather, HE doesn't have to feel guilty about working late 7 days a week as he approaches 4/15.
And, honestly, this is a break for me. Yes, I will still have Lucy to contend with (and, like a child, she needs regular supervision and care and love), it will be a hiatus from other responsibilities for a few weeks. It will be nice to spend time with our family, talking, lazing about, playing games, shopping, eating out, eating in, catching up, reading, taking walks, swimming (maybe Lucy will actually go into the pool at Father and Margot's this year), so on and so forth. If I go about this correctly, I won't let myself fret about things back home, either.
Obviously I will miss Mr. B and Pete and Lily. I'm probably most worried about the antics they'll get into left to their own devices for hours and hours on end. Suffice it to say, Mr. B will have his hands full of needy clingy kitties when he gets home each night.
Which, really, I'm sure will be nice for him!
Well, I'll be blogging before I go to be sure and maybe even get the chance to post a few entries from the road.
In the meantime, I'd best go figure out what to pack; not just for me but for Lucy as well. She has almost as much gear as I do!
Mrs. B


Analee said...

try traveling with kids. they, each, need more gear than the average pair of humans. so weird.

does lucy travel in or with a crate, or does she just ride shotgun? luna used to ride shotgun, she loved it. i'm sure she shares the back of the car now with her "sister". speaking of, i haven't seen her in over a year now! i bet she's huge!

well safe travels to you.

(this is a choose your own ending comment.)

a) pack a lot. if you don't take it, you'll need it.

b) pack light. you can always buy it if you need it!

Margot said...

Looking forward to seeing you, dear!