Monday, February 16, 2009

Which Of Henry VIII's Wives Are You Most Like?

I recently blogged about Facebook and what a time suck it can be. I know I mentioned all of the quizes you can take...well, it dawned on me (I'm slow now that I'm 45) that SOMEONE is creating all of these quizes. Who? The users!
I woke up this morning thinking about creating a quiz of my own. So, I did; the above referenced title.
It was fairly easy since I know quite a bit about Henry VIII and his six wives.
The process was fun, too (creating the quiz). You write out the results, then, write questions and possible answers that match up to said results. So, if someone took the quiz and picked all the answers that I had tied to, say, Anne Boleyn (or most of them), their result would be Anne Boleyn.
I can't cut and paste the questions, unfortunately. I think there were six or seven (you can put as many as you want); you'll just have to find the quiz on Facebook, ladies! But here are the results I wrote. I also included the pictures.
Divorced? Beheaded? Survived? Which of Henry VIII's six wives are you most like?

Catherine of Aragon
Steely, purposeful, intelligent; you are likely also highly religious with firm beliefs of what is right and wrong. You are generally admired and respected (but sometimes viewed as a stick in the mud and/or boring). You will not sacrifice your convictions for anything, which could mean you might end up divorced and alone.

Anne Boleyn

You are smart...maybe to a fault. You're wily and cagey as well as beautiful. Men admired you and most women can't stand you, which means you may have a lot of enemies. You are probably misunderstood; this may frustrate you and led you to do things that may leave you without your head.

Jane Seymour
You give the impression of being a sweet and innocent woman with nothing but good deeds on your mind. However, behind this mask lies a shrewd individual indeed, out for what you can get, which is usually someone else's man. You may land him, but, you may not last as long as you think in the game. And, after you're gone, he'll find someone else, anyway.

Anne of Cleves
You are not the most attractive lady in the world and sometimes you feel out of your element. It seems every other woman is prettier and wittier than you. You might sometimes feel tongue tied. You desperately want to fit in and to be loved. You'd be the perfect stepmother to motherless children because your heart is so big and in so much need of having someone to love. Your husband will likely divorce you, but, it will probably turn out to be the luckiest thing that ever could have happened to you as you'll go on to lead a long, happy life without him.

Kathryn Howard
You are a light hearted flirt who goes a little too far in the "let's fool around" department. Unfortunately, you are not terribly bright and you may find yourself continually at odds with important, powerful people. Although you are very pretty, your good looks will only get so far. Beware of whom you cheat on or you may end up in situation well over your head. Or, without your head.

Katherine Parr
You're no spring chicken and you've likely been married more than once with each marriage being more financially successful than the last. You are fairly smart and a bit stodgy but have a passionate heart, especially for men you are not supposed to have. You have luck on your side, too; at least until that last husband starts playing your own game.
Any guesses as to my result? Ready to go take my quiz?
Mrs. B


Margot said...

Clever, witty questions!

Margot said...

I wonder how close those portraits were to the actual women. Not Anne of Cleves of course; Holbein painted her to appeal to Henry. But Jane Seymour's & Katherine Howard's faces look as tho they'd break mirrors!

Mrs. B said...

Yes...and KH was supposed to be a real hottie, too! Then again, tastes might have changed over the years.

Who knows? One thing is for sure, I doubt Henry VIII was EVER as hot as Jonathan Rhys Meyers (who plays him on The Tudors)!