Friday, February 6, 2009

Fire Dragon Pete

Our cat (well, technically he is a kitten at 6 1/2 months but he is so large already he seems more like a full grown cat) has this ruff of fur around his neck. Lily has it as well, but, Pete's is more pronounced. I kept thinking he reminded me of some sort of reptile. I thought it was a Gila Monster but, no, I did a Google and he doesn't look like a Gila Monster! I thought and thought and kept on Googling all sorts of things like "ruffed reptiles" or "lion looking reptiles". I finally landed on it. THIS odd looking reptile is what I had in mind!
It's a Fire Dragon.
See the resemblance?

Mrs. B


Analee said...

lol where do those lizards live? seems like i've seen one before. in person. up close.

he does look like that, though. very lionish.

Margot said...

Great picture of Pete & Lucy!! Murphy's got a ruff, too. Tho he's so skinny, it doesn't show up much. A trait of Maine coon & types, maybe?