Monday, February 9, 2009

Blog Burn Out Or Facebook Time Suck?

After almost three years of blogging almost every day, I think I've hit the Blog Burn Out stage. Meaning, unlike even a few months ago, my heart ain't into it quite so much. Maybe this means I'm finally going to devote the time I have been spending here writing my book? I'd like to think so, but, another thing that's been going on (likely a big contributor to the reduced time I'm spending here) is I discovered Facebook a few months ago and I'm having a lot of fun on that platform/social network.
You don't blog on Facebook but you can chat with your friends, post your status, send emails, post links (like pictures and videos) and the like. I suppose if you wanted to you could blog (by posting a note), but, this is meant to be, I think, quick and dirty stuff. Fun stuff, too; like taking what seems to be a never ending slew of quizzes like "What 80s Rock Band Are You?" or, "What Mental Illness Do You Have?" or "What Disney Princess Are You?", etc. BTW, the answers to those quizzes for Mrs. B. are: Journey, Obsessive Compulsive and Belle (from "Beauty and the Beast").
What's even more intriguing to me is finding friends. I have a modest number of them right now; a few over 40, which is nothing compared to the hundreds The Kid has. But, with the exception of a few of the 40, I do communicate with them via Facebook; comment on their status, post something on their wall, send them messages. I've found people from my childhood, high school, college, and professional life. Additionally, the majority of my family is on Facebook.
One other thing I've gotten hooked on via Facebook is something called "Pieces of Flair". In essence, all these are are buttons people have made with pictures, slogans, sayings, quotes; you name it. You can search the Flair Directory (and you'll probably find exactly what you want several times over; I was looking for something that said "I'm Your Huckleberry" (from "Tombstone") and found at least 10 (I ended up making my own, anyway)). Then, you send it to your friends, or, some of your friends. The Flair you collect you post on a cork board. Ok, I know, this is SO SILLY but I get a real kick out of searching for pertinent Flair to send people and/or making my own Flair.
My Flair Collection (So Far)

You can become a fan of just about every sort of group, magazine, TV show, movie star, musician, high school, college, employer, etc. If you do this, you'll get periodic updates from these groups about what's going on. A lot of high schools and college organizations are using this to plan reunions.
Then there are the games. Just about every sort of game one could think of. From standard card games to video arcade games to some funny ones like "Who Has the Biggest Brain" (sort of an IQ test game) and typing games (you have to type the word that is in the middle of a ghost before it gets to you; the ghosts start coming in more numbers and faster, faster, faster).
One very silly thing about Facebook that somewhat annoys me but I usually play along are all the applications of sending your friends things; and, there is an ENDLESS array of things that can be sent. Such as, plants, fish, sweets, hugs, Johnny Depps (this one cracked me up), cocktails, vampires, Disney stuff, mardi gras beads; on and on and on.
An off shoot of this is "Kidnap" where your friends kidnap you to the hide out (usually another country) and you have to escape by correctly answering a question about that location.
So, if I'm not here, it's because I'm dorking around on Facebook. Until I get tired of it, I guess!
Mrs. B

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