Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things

Here is another one of these things! I have to admit, it's fun to think about this stuff because they ARE so random!
1. Although I am left handed, I golf, bat, use scissors and hold the blow dryer with my right hand.
2. I absolutely loath lobster. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
3. My eye sight is awful, as in off the charts awful. My left eye is far worse than my right due to getting acid in it in 8th grade science glass.
4. I had all four wisdom teeth pulled at the same time the summer after I graduated from high school.
5. I had braces but didn't have to wear head gear (thank God) while I was in high school.
6. I was baptized in the Lutheran church when I was 17.
7. I have two sisters and two brothers.
8. Twins run in our family (one of my sisters and one of my brothers each have a set of fraternal twins).
9. I am officially in menopause. I'm too young for this! But, at least I'll get it over with way before I'm 50.
10. I have owned five houses.
11. I lived in Lexington Kentucky for 11 months when I was in 6th grade. I hated it.
12. My high school boyfriend and I gave my mom a puppy for Christmas one year. That did not turn out well.
13. I love to listen to books on CD while I'm driving. I usually listen to books that otherwise I'd never pick up and read-read.
14. I had acrylic nails for almost 20 years. I went natural in 2007 and I really, really miss the fake ones.
15. I used to hate onions but now I think they are okay.
16. Ditto asparagus. I can't live without it now!
17. I can type well over 85 WPM.
18. My dreams are usually very, very weird.
19. I met my husband through eHarmony.
20. My Myers-Briggs is ISTJ. Off the charts I and very strong J. However, I can be a "fake" E if need be.
21. I can read Tarot cards and cast Astrological charts.
22. My moon is Capricorn. Many of my planets are in Capricorn. This is why I am more Capricorn in nature than the happy go lucky Sagittarius.
23. I absolutely LOVE to chew bubblegum.
24. I stopped smoking almost 5 years ago. I haven't really missed it (although I do indulge in a cigar from time to time with Mr. B).
25. My favorite restaurant in Charleston, SC is called Slightly North of Broad (or, SNOB). This is where we had our wedding dinner almost 4 years ago and it's where we'll be having our anniversary dinner this year!
Mrs. B

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