Friday, August 28, 2009

Up and Coming "Haps"

Ok, so, my last entry was a tad bitchy and negative. So, let's go for a happy, positive entry, shall we?
I am always enthused when I get to thinking about fun upcoming events! Here are a few of 'em:
Tomorrow Night
3rd Annual Cask Ale Tasting. Well, we're a month (or so) out from the World Beer Festival, may as well start training. Seriously, this sounded like a pretty interesting event, here's the description:
"These (the casks, I assume) are coming from some of North Carolina's finest breweries -- Highland, Triangle, Duck Rabbit, Foothills, Aviator, Top of the Hill, French Broad, and Lone Rider. (I've also got one from Rogue.) Triangle, as with past years, is the host of the event handling the storage and stilage. We'll be using state of the art equipment to make sure the casks "drop bright" and get served at the correct temperature, setting them up a day and a half before the event. It's as close to real ale as you'll get!".
Plus, there will be food and live music.
September 1st (or 2nd)
Mom and dad get home from their 2 month trip to Alaska! Yes, I am SO looking forward to seeing them again; mom and I have missed quite of our weekly get-togethers plus it's about time to go hang out in dad's pub (which, as far as I know, has yet to be officially named).
September 10th
The DSO and The Nasher Museum of Art (at Duke) are teaming up to do a fundraiser. Admission price includes a reception with our new conductor and a ticket into the Picasso exhibit.
September 12th
Nephew Kendal's 2nd birthday party. My, how time is a-flying by. Anyway, always great to have a reason to get together with family and even better if it's a celebration!
September 25th
We're doing something with our friends John and Marilyn; going to the DPAC to see a comedian (can't remember his name but it's a surprise for John so I won't be posting this on Facebook) plus likely having dinner somewhere.
End of September/Early October
Step-mom MCH arrives for her annual Fall visit; we ALWAYS have a great time!
October 3rd
The World Beer Festival in Durham. Back at its "home" location, the old (now newly restored) Durham Bulls baseball park.
October 17 - October 26
Our trip to Florida, which will include visits with Mr. and Mrs. Sr. B (on both ends of our trip), hopefully seeing MCH and Father and, of course, a week in Orlando with good friends Peri and Michael hanging out at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival.
Lots to look forward to (and I didn't even include everything!)
Mrs. B


Analee said...

your calender is looking like ours! i want to go camping but i'm not sure when to do it! suppose i'll have to make time.

Analee said...

and, yet another year and no beer festival tickets. and this year i can actually participate!

suppose maybe next year we'll remember it on time.

Analee said...

oh snap! they haven't gone on sale yet. so, maybe we CAN actually participate this year!

Mrs. B said...

Analee/Doc: We can get them early since Mark has a subscription to All About Beer magazine.
They go on pre sale on 9/3. Let me know if you want to go and we'll make sure we get tickets for you. I'm pretty sure Jon and Shannon and the girls are going; my step-mom Margot is coming, too!

Mrs. B said...

BTW we do the 12-4 session. Wouldn't even want to think about the 6-10 one.

Jon said...

Cask Ale tasting.....very jealous.