Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Cookbook

I'm working on compiling a cookbook which will contain recipes from a variety of sources. The general rule for inclusion is the recipe has to be something we either routinely make, it's considered a family classic, or it's a Mrs. or Mr. B original. I will, of course, give appropriate credit to the recipe's source.
This sounds like an easy enough project, but, really, it's been a challenge! First, narrowing down what will go into it (which I've not really finished doing yet) and then making sure the format is consistent for each recipe. Then, I've also decided to add sections to each recipe such as "Tips" and "Goes Well With". This means more thought but I think the end result will be a lot nicer. Finally, I was thinking of having several pages of "Suggested Menus", which might even include ideas for wine pairings.
The germ for this idea came when I realized The Kid will be heading off to college next year. Yeah, she'll be chowing on dorm food most likely for a few years, but, I thought it would be nice to give her a book with some of the recipes her dad and I routinely make that she enjoys. Then I got to thinking if I was going to go through all that trouble, I may as well expand it somewhat and, perhaps, offer it as a gift to other family members. Likely what I will end up doing is uploading everything to (this is where I made my "Best of Mrs. B's Blogs" book).
All of this takes TIME, however, and, concentration. As I get older, I've not been known for sticking with projects, either. At any given time, I may have five or six going on. But, I do really want to finish this one by Christmas!
I'm still searching for a name for the cookbook, too. I did get a few good ideas from my Facebook pals, but, nothing quite right yet.
I'll entertain suggestions for recipes that should be included, too!
Mrs. B


Analee said...

you can make recipe books on shutterfly! just saying... you know i'm a shutterfly fan.

and, uh, fried olives have to be in it.

Mrs. B said...

Analee, I have trouble with those Shutterfly books. It seemed like a lot more trouble than uploading the document to LuLu.

Definitely the Breaded Olives will be in the cookbook, as well as the White Chicken Chili!