Thursday, August 13, 2009

NY Trip: History, Wineries and Restaurants

We spent Monday and Tuesday of our NY visit doing some touristy stuff, which was fun. Monday we headed over to Seneca Falls to visit the Women's Rights Museum. I applaud Mr. B for not being uncomfortable with this :-) It was free to get in (donations accepted). Downstairs were these cool life-sized bronze status of folks who were at the first women's rights conference back in 1848. Upstairs was a mish-mash of displays and artifacts and interactive stations (you could take quizzes, "vote" on issues and watch TV commercials depicting women in various humiliating circumstances). I thought the array was a bit much; hard to follow and somewhat splashy. I think perhaps it was done this way to draw younger women in. Anyway, it was interesting, but I don't think I learned anything that I hadn't already known.
We went back down the other side of Cayuga Lake so we could eat at a place recommended by Denice at our B&B, Pumpkin Hill Bistro. It was pretty much out in the middle of nowhere! Apparently, they'd moved the farmhouse (that houses both the bistro and a small country store) from somewhere else and plopped it right down in the middle of this field. We ate outside and enjoyed a scenic vista of field and flowers. The food was tasty enough and served in unusual venues (my salad came in a bucket; the dessert menus were on rolling pins). Turns out our waitress would soon be moving to Durham! Small world at times, isn't it? Read my review.
After lunch, it was on to the wineries! And, let me say, there are a TON of them in the Finger Lakes. Seneca Lake has the most but as we were on Cayuga Lake, that is where we focused our time.
We first visited Long Point Winery where we were pleasantly surprised to find they had a selection of bold reds (sort of uncommon for the region) such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfindel plus a fun Dry Rose. Us being us, we ended up with a case (and a shirt for Mr. B that says "Not old, just vintage"). Next was King Ferry Winery. They had just released their Dry Rose. They also had a very nice Dry Riesling and an extremely approachable Cabernet Franc. They also had my type of Chardonnay; rich, buttery and full of oak. So, yeah, another case! Since it was a nice sunny afternoon, we decided to hang out in the picnic area and enjoy a glass of the Dry Riesling before heading back to Mike and Kym's.
Tuesday we set out with Mrs. Sr. B to hit a few more wineries and have lunch. The first stop was Thirsty Owl Winery, home of some excellent Pinot Noirs (only 1/2 a case here); then on to Hosmer Winery for a mish-mash mixed case (including another excellent Dry Rose) and finally to Sheldrake Point Winery for one last tasting and lunch. Really, we had no intention of buying more wine, but, alas, they had a show-stopping Gamay, a Gewurztraminer (which I don't usually care for but this one had potential) and another nice Cabernet Franc. So, yeah. ANOTHER case (let's just say we did need to stock up on wine, so, why not?)
We ate lunch at the restaurant at Sheldrake Point, Simply Red Bistro. The location was not as picturesque as the day before but I'd give the food a slight edge. Read my review.
After lunch we went to visit Frank and Betty and then on to Aunt Judy's for the BBQ (events I've already blogged about).
So, when Mr. B and I left Wednesday morning to head back home (another fairly crappy drive but oh well), we were loaded down with good wine, wonderful memories and the hearty desire to not let another four years go past before we returned to Ithaca, and maybe even stay at The Coddington Guest House again. Read my review.
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