Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blowing Off Some Steam

I know it's not a great thing to be negative, but, there have been a few instances lately where I've found myself really annoyed at the stupidity of people. I'll admit, I've sort of been saving them up for an entry. I've borrowed a couple from Mr. B's list, too.
What's The Hurry, Mack?
I've noticed recently that I've felt really, really crowded (people in my space) at check-out lines. Also, there have been people with fewer items than I have giving me the stink-eye for not letting them go ahead of me. Well, too freaking bad; if you were in such a hurry, maybe you could have arrived at the store 2 minutes before I did, then, you would have been ahead of me, not behind me. Twice last week there were people standing so close to me (in the self check-out lane) that I really wanted to turn around and do the chest-thrusting, finger pointing, shrieking "Get out of my PERSONAL space!" maneuver. Of course, I didn't, even though I would have been well in my right.
The worst, though, was at Lowes Foods. I was in the bagging area and the guy behind me (with one item, a bottle of tonic water) started checking out even though I was still bagging my groceries! And, there were OTHER check-out lanes open with no people there! So, here comes this bottle of tonic water bumping and crashing its way into my delicate containers of yogurt and my sensitive tomatoes. I mean, my receipt had not even printed (it apparently got stuck in the machine, which is the only reason he was allowed to start checking out). I had to WAIT for HIM to finish his transaction before the customer service person could get my receipt to print.
I gave HIM the stink-eye, but, of course, he could care less. Mr. B told me later that I what I should have done was pick up the bottle of tonic, bag it, and say, "Thanks, how did you know I had a hankering for a Gin and tonic?" Damn, I wish I'd done that!
What The FU$$ Are You DOING?
I'm at Food Lion pulling out of a parking lane into the main "road" of the parking lot (the one that runs in front of the grocery store). I start to go forward when a car pulls out right in front of me from the next parking lane over. The car then STOPS in the middle of the "road". I can't go around it. I can see the woman in the car pull out her phone and start to TEXT! I laid on the horn and did not let up. Everyone around was staring at ME. She didn't budge; just kept on texting. I finally managed to go around her, giving her the universal sign for "Fu$$ You" while doing so. She never looked up from her cell phone.
Mr. B's:
Driving down 70 coming home from work is usually no fun for Mr. B. There is almost always an accident because morons are going back and forth between the two lanes trying to get one or two cars ahead of the pack. Then, there are the folks that drive 45 mph in the left hand lane, slowing everything down. Anyway, he was on his way home the other night, stuck behind one of these slow pokes, when the car behind him came right up on his rear bumper and stayed there, even though it should have been obvious he couldn't go any faster, couldn't move over, etc. When the person had just barely enough space, they zipped around Mr. B on the right and then forced their way back in front of him, nearly taking off the front bumper. And then, slammed on their breaks.
These two examples are reasons why it's a good idea not to carry a concealed weapon. I could think of countless others in the driving milieu. A general question, folks; is it just me? Has anyone else noticed how people seem to drive like CRAP these days?

I've vented now, thanks. Maybe I'll get to feeling better!
Mrs. B


Doc said...

"one year clock" = dumbest State rule ever. When it's over, it's over.

Plus, State Law allows you to live your life as if you were single, even during the "one year clock", so that dumb rule really makes no sense.

"paediac" - when you child does something that almost gives you a heart attack.

Mrs. B said...

I agree, dumb rule, especially given the reasons you cited, Doc.

And, apparently, having "ex sex" resets the clock, too. Even if you did the deed in a Hilton in Honolulu.

In CA and CO it was 90 days. That is sufficient enough time to wait in case you change your mind.

Unless you're Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, of course.

Margot said...

I don't have crowding problems in grocery lines because I always have my cart between me & the Behinder. But in other lines, I feel free to breathe heavily or even work up a little kerchoo ... followed by an insincere sorry bout that!

yeah, u're right. weapons at the ready can be dangerous

Analee said...

i do what margot does, except rather than sneeze, i'll drop something and have to step backwards to pick it up. that usually makes them take a step back, even if it is only for a second. i just, at that point, enjoy the way i make them move (like a puppeteer).

i'm still irritated with the whole RSVP thing. i've got one out now. so, we'll see who ignores it. i DID send it to some of my family. and i'm sure they'll read it and not respond. (i can tell if they read it because evite tells me when folks first-view the website.) and i didn't send you one because i know you are busy!

Mr. B said...

I agree with you Doc, when it's over it's over!