Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Muggy Musings

So, it's been muggy of late. Finally, summer has arrived in NC and that is too bad. Seriously, I'm gunning for Fall weather now.
I've realized that I HATE running the A/C. Not just because it gets fairly expensive, but, I get tired of hearing it run, run, run (even with it set at 78 or even 80, it just seems to constantly run).
Mr. B finally got tired of my complaining that something must be wrong with it and had someone come check it out. Well, there isn't anything wrong with it (other than it was low on Freon). I told him last night, no, I PROMISED him last night that I would now shut up about it. But, every time I hear it click on, I still grate my teeth a little. Especially when it is 11:00 at night and not THAT hot out (but no breeze so no sense opening the windows and stifling).
Our kitten Athena continues to chew on cords. Monday night, she chewed through both the modem adapter cord AND the phone cord. Therefore, we had NO Internet access yesterday (other than me doing a quick jump onto an unsecured network so I could send an email to the guy I continue to do some consulting work for). I went to Petsmart and found this flexible plastic cord that you can wrap around electrical cords, cables and wires. It was in the hamster section but there was also a picture of a rabbit, dog, and cat on the container. I had read on-line that this usually does the trick (either that or the culprit gets a bit of a shock or electrical mouth burn but we didn't really want that to happen; she's so tiny, it might have done her some serious harm).

The Chomper

The stuff smells; it's supposed to be an added deterrent, I guess. It says it's a citrus aroma; to me, it smells more like, well, cat piss. We'll see. Hopefully, we can get her to stop doing this and then (similar to the tape we had on all of our furniture with Pete and Lily), remove it.

BTW, neither Ares or Athena appear to be furniture scratchers and Pete and Lily are routinely using their scratching boxes so that's good news.
Life is sorta ho-hum of late. Not necessarily bad, just, well, nothing exciting, really. The week days follow a similar pattern (sort of like when I used to work) and the weekends might bring some fun stuff to do. Such as going to outdoor (free) blues concerts or Durham Bulls games. This Saturday we are going to our favorite local restaurant, Magnolia Grill, to celebrate Mr. B's birthday. We may try and see the new Harry Potter movie, but, maybe not. We've been saying that every weekend since it came out.
Stuff with the symphony will be picking up in a few weeks. And, my mom and dad will get home from their two month trip to Alaska around 1 September. Woo hoo. Of course, they are turning around and heading to Indiana for Purdue football games less than three weeks after they get home.
Although it is about 2 months away, I am starting to gear up for our trip to Florida in October with Peri and Michael. I know this will be a fantastic time. We'll also be spending time on either end with the Sr. Bs and, hopefully, get to see my Father and step-mom, too.
Well, folks, this is about as rip-roarin' as it gets right now!
Mrs. B


Analee said...

our upstairs therm. is set at 74, our downstairs is on 78. they run about the same.

all the time.

hot is hot is hot. and with no shade and thick outdoor humidity, that a/c has to work hard to cool and dehumidify!

i did notice one of our maples had some red leaves this past weekend. sign of the season to come? maybe. today i noticed they already fell out of the tree. humph. maybe the tree is dying of a heat stroke.

Margot said...

1. I don't like a/c either (stale & usually too cold) but I think how miserable I'd be in FL (May thru Sept) without it.

2. I hope the new plastic cording doesn't smell like cat urine... everyone will be encouraged to go on it! But tests must have been done on the product before hitting the market. Hopefully it'll work.