Saturday, August 8, 2009

NY Trip: Family and Friends Part Two

As previously mentioned, Mike and Kym were gracious enough to host a family BBQ the Sunday we were in Ithaca (technically Lansing). Kym out did herself with the food (thanks, Kym!) and it sure was wonderful being with our NY family on such a lovely afternoon!

Before we headed over to Mike and Kym's, Mr. B took me on a tour of his past, including places he'd lived with his ex (certainly sort of an odd feeling to gaze upon residences where your spouse used to live with someone else), where he used to work (now defunct), old bar haunts, and, most special for me to see, where his Grandpa and Grandma W lived (which I've heard so much about). We also took a quick look at the very pretty Ithaca Falls. Let me say it again; this area of the country is so scenic!

We arrived at Mike and Kym's a bit before 2:00 and I was soon introduced to people that, up to know, I'd only know via holiday greetings: Uncle Lyle (Mr. Sr. B's brother in law), his daughter Cousin Kathy and Mrs. Sr. B's sister Judy and her husband John. Michelle, Dave, Chris and Kayla were there, too.

We had such a nice time over at Mike and Kym's that we ended up going back over there Monday night and hanging out for several hours!
After spending the day wine tasting with Mrs. Sr. B on Tuesday (more one the wine tasting days later), we visited with family friends Frank and Betty (Betty is actually Mr. Sr. B's 2nd cousin) for several hours. Have I mentioned yet NY hospitality? EVERYWHERE we went, folks were showering us with food and drink! Betty had made a warm spicy shrimp dip and had a bottle of Dry Riesling chilled and ready (one of the same we'd purchased the day before, as it turned out).

Upon saying good-bye to Betty and Frank, the three of us went over to Aunt Judy and Uncle John's for another family BBQ. They have a lovely house right on Cayuga Lake, which they'd recently renovated. Mike and Kym were there, as well as Michelle and Chris. I met another one of Mr. B's cousins, Sharon, and her SO, Kristen. There was, of course, TONS of food and drink.

I personally couldn't have been more pleased with the amount of time we spent with the NY family. This was exactly what I had in mind when I first broached the subject of going to NY to Mr. B. The only real downside to the trip (other than the traffic/travel delays) was that Mr. B's dad was unable to make the trip; he was missed.
Ok, next up; the final entry in this series: History and Wine Tasting!
Mrs. B
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