Sunday, August 24, 2008

Potential Names for TBD New Kitties

Nope, we're not yet ready to jump into the wide blue yonder with regards to obtaining new kitties. YET. The time's a'comin, though; Mrs. B, despite how much she loves her Goose, just can't be without kitties for too long.
So, as I work on completing (and therefore, grieving for/honoring) Clyde's album (almost done; the last few pages are always tough), and, as Mr. B contemplates what wood to use for Nigel and Clyde's urns (unfortunately, the balsa that dad gave us wasn't strong enough to withstand the tooling), I've been letting my mind wander down the path of what names we'll bestow on our new family members once they do arrive (I suppose I'm picking up on "new name fever" from my sister in law, Analee!)
Anyway, for the most part, I've always done this; picked out the name for the pet BEFORE I actually had the pet. I knew, for example, that Nigel would be Nigel. I knew Clyde would be Clyde and I knew Lucy would be Lucy. I also tend to like to name my pets "people" names (not that I think other names like Tramp or Skippy or Peanut or whatever are bad names for pets; just not my style, is all).
So, awhile back, when Mr. B and his folks were discussing some of their prior pets, and, in particular the cat they had when Mr. B was a baby (who used to sleep in his crib with him), I immediately knew our next cat would be named after Mr. B's protector; PETE.
What about the other cat? And, yes, I DO want two cats. Well, my brother keeps insisting on REPEAT, but, as funny as that is, it doesn't fit my name selection criteria (although it IS two syllables, which I want).
Yes, I decided the 2nd name had to be two syllables. I mean, I think one of the reasons "Nigel and Clyde" sounded so good together was there was a flow to it; and, that due to one name having one syllable and the other having two.
Pete, obviously, has one syllable so the other name must have two.
These names are ones I'm seriously considering, all of them (although I'm sort of leaning towards one in particular). And, the cats will be known in the order of "Pete and (fill in the blank)".
And, oh by the way, if for some bizarre reason the 2nd cat turns out to be a female (not likely since I prefer male cats but, never say never) her name will be Lily.
So, here are the names....drum roll, please!
Pete and Billy
Pete and Henry
Pete and Ahab
Pete and Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus)
So, what do y'all think?

Mrs. B


wiltwheel said...

I like Billy. My thing is that cats names should end in Y or have the eee sound at the end of the name. I read once that cats respond to this sound and can hear it well. That's my opinion!

Love ya,


* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

i like billy too.

Margot said...

Pete and Harley?

Mr. B said...

Ahab gets my vote.

Jon said...

I believe the cat fits the'll know what the name should be when you see your new kitty.

If the cat is going to be big..I mean really have to go with Henry.

If the cat is going to be smaller, scrawny even....Ahab fits (especially if the cat has only 1 eye or is polydactyl).

Billy is a great name for your everyday, lovable cat.

Mrs. B said...

And...if the cat turns out to like whiskey and pints of Harp or Guiness, he'll most certainly be Seamus!

Ha ha.

BTW, I do like Harley, MCH, but, my friend Roberta had a long-time chocolate lab named Harley. I think I'd always think of her.

Of course, one could say the same about Billy (Uncle Bill) and Henry (Grandpa H.)

I guess Jon is right; I have a slew of names; we'll have to wait and see the cat.

But, the first one's gonna be PETE!

wiltwheel said...

Okay, but I will call him Petey!! :-)