Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Side Benefit

Becoming re-absorbed in work has reminded me of a side benefit I've always received from working.
Disclaimer: This might piss some people, especially women, off.
I forget to eat.
Yeah, I know; how could someone "forget" to eat? But, seriously, I get so into what I'm doing that, before I know it, it is past 10 and I've eaten nothing for breakfast. Then, I might have something (today I was bad, I had a 100 calorie pack of Pringles) and then forget again to eat later. So, what I've had to eat today are the Pringles and a handful of mixed nuts.
When I'm working down at the site, I don't take lunch (I'd rather put in my time and get out of there). And, I don't want to take the time to microwave something. So, I bring a few "snacks" and eat those. Maybe. The other day, I found a half-eaten oatmeal bar wrapped up in my briefcase.
So, a side benefit is, I'll be losing some weight, it seems. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Speaking of weight, I made one of my ice cream pies for Mr. B for his b-day celebration. I was going to make a cake, but, neither of us would eat more than one slice so it'd just go moldy. I thought about it, and remembered these ice cream pies I made a long time ago. I think before it was popular to have ice cream with a bunch of other stuff in it (candy, cookie dough, etc.)
My ex husband used to call them "Amy's Ice Cream Pies" (I know, not very unusual) and he told me I should market them. Well, I never did (obviously), but, it was fun to make one the other night for Mr. B. They are really easy because all you need is a pre-made graham cracker shell, some sort of ice cream (softened) and whatever you want to throw into it and top it off with. Then, you re-freeze it so it sets and you're good to go.
I made a Heath Bar with Caramel and Fudge Ice Cream Pie because Mr. B loves Heath Bars.
I loaded the vanilla ice cream up with huge chunks of Heath Bar, tons of caramel syrup and fudge syrup. I spread it into the shell, then, topped it with more caramel and Heath Bar crumbles.
The thing is, it was SO rich, we've only had one slice each (The Kid was over so she had a slice, too).

We've got over 1/2 of the pie left.
And, since I keep forgetting to eat, it's just sitting in the freezer. Well, at least it might last longer than a cake.

Anyone want the rest?
Mrs. B


Margot said...

I'll take a slice! Seriously,this is a great "stretch it out" dessert. No "gotta eat it up now or it'll go stale" excuse.

* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

what's "bad" about a 100 calorie pack of pringles?

besides my anorexic friend (who at 5'4", weighs in at 89 pounds), you are the skinniest person i know. you don't need to loose any weight. you need to remember to eat!

i've never accidentally forgotten to eat. obviously.

* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

oh i forgot to write that the pie looks good. i'm typically not an ice cream fan, but i know someone who is (your brother)! and i bet he is drooling right now... it looks yummy!

Mrs. B said...

I guess what I meant by "bad", Ana, was I should have eaten MORE than a 100 calorie pack of Pringles and a handful of nuts!

I weigh A LOT more than 89 pounds (and I am 5'4" as well so, no worries!

I've been making sure our dinners are full of protein and iron.

Last night; filets with broccoli and some left-over mashed potatoes.

Tonight, well, we're going to a Bulls game, is beer protein?

Ha ha!

Mr. B said...

It's close enough in my book!!! ;-)

* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

i wasn't implying that you are or look anorexic, you're just naturally think i think! of coarse i know how hard you work to look like that (and its got little to do with diet, more to do with exercise!)

mmm, filets with broccoli. that sounds better than ice cream pie! too bad kendal doesn't (yet) like broccoli. he does like cabbage though, that came as a surprise!

PLEASE drink a beer for me. 4 more months and i can have one all by myself. :)