Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Official...I Miss Her!

Lucy hanging with us on the patio one night last week

Lucy, that is! Our dog, The Goose.

When we first got her, I have to admit, I sort of looked forward to when we'd leave on vacation and I would get to drop her off at the kennel (Uncle Chuck's). I never felt guilty since I knew she loved being there; in fact, I felt a bit of relief/freedom from all of the responsibility that was Lucy.

Now, many things have changed since then. Over the past year or so, and especially since Clyde passed away, she's really "grown on me" (as they say). We've "bonded", I guess that is a more accurate statement. We went on our big Florida "grandparents" tour together, mom and I took her with us on our road trip to MO, and, she has, in
essence, been my constant companion.

We've worked hard together to improve her obedience and manners and (also in part to Mr. B's involvement), she's really come far.

Lucy gets her nightly olive fix!

So, this morning, I dropped her off at Uncle Chuck's. As always, she got really excited when she realized where she was (completely forgetting her manners too; also as usual). When the girl came to take her back to her "room", she went with a big grin on her face and never looked back (also as usual). I AM happy that she loves being there, that there is no drama. But, it still made me sort of sad to see her go.

Now I'm home preparing for our trip, doing this and that. I was out in the backyard watering plants and the sight of her ball and toys scattered all over sort of wrenched at my heart. Ditto when I saw her "baby" upstairs where she'd left it lying on the sitting room floor. And, as I sit here and write this entry, it is so quiet. There are no tags jingling, no rustles from her as she moves around on her bed or climbs up onto the couch; all of that.

So, yeah, it's official...I miss her...and...now...I'm truly a dog lover! At least a Lucy lover!

Mrs. B

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Mr. B said...

For what it's worth, I'm going to miss her to.