Thursday, June 12, 2008

EXPLODING with Peach Flavor...They Were Not Kidding!

So, this afternoon, my in-laws, The Kid and I were hanging around our house doing this and that waiting for Mr. B to come home. It was about 4:00; I was chopping up stuff for the risotto Mr. B planned on making later. Everyone else was sitting around the table. We all heard an odd noise, like a loud pop; then, the sound of what seemed like dog food or something spilling onto the floor. It also somewhat sounded like claws scratching against a closed door. I immediately looked for the dogs; saw Lucy, so went over to the pantry door to see if Fritz (my in-laws' dog) was inside. When I opened it, I saw liquid all over the place; on the walls, pooled on the floor, all over the boxes and cans of food in the pantry. Turns out one of the two bottles of Southern Magnolia wine from Lake James Cellars (the wine we got "by mistake"; the sweetie peach wine), had literally blown its cork and was dripping all over creation from its place on one of the top rows of our built-in wine rack.
I spent roughly 1/2 hour cleaning up sickeningly sweet smelling wine. I noticed the other bottle was about to blow, so, I took it out and put it in the backyard. Of course, I'll call the winery and demand a refund.
Can you imagine how awful it would have been had a) it been a bottle we liked b) it been a bottle of red and c) someone been in the pantry when it blew (it could have taken an eye out with the way the cork bounced all over the place).
Interestingly enough, the second bottle's cork sort of eased its way out; it didn't project itself half-way across our backyard or into one of our sun room windows.
Cheese Louise!
They were not kidding when, on its label, they wrote "EXPLODING with peach flavor!" They really meant it!
Mrs. B


Margot said...

& did you let Lucy & Fritz lend a hand w/the cleanup???

Mrs. B said...

No way! Although, Lucy, in particular, was pretty interested in getting into the pantry! The Kid put her on her leash and held her so she'd stay away.

It's just not a good idea to let dogs drink alcohol, no matter how diluted.

Our pantry continues to smell like peaches.

* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

peach scented... better than cat poo scented (like our garage).