Monday, June 23, 2008

Luck of the Irish...NOT

I'm not Irish, which is possibly why it seems sometimes I have zero luck.
So, yesterday; Mr. B and I were talking about how, now that the floor issue/tenant issue are resolved, there is nothing for me to fret about. Ha ha, funny.
Today, I clumsily dropped my laptop, or, rather, I carelessly dropped it, whatever. It fell off the counter onto the tile floor.
Dead as a duck hard drive.
Yeah, it's dead. I called HP, we went through a bunch of diagnostics, goner.
So, thankfully, I backed up my computer yesterday afternoon (I learned my lesson from LAST year when my OTHER computer's hard drive crashed). And, my HP is still under warranty, so, the new hard drive won't cost me anything but time and Mr. B's efforts to install everything, including my backed up files.
Still, it's frustrating. I really sort of panicked; I constantly use my computer and everything on it; files, emails, etc, etc.
THANK GOD I backed it up yesterday! I just had to say that again.
But, I'm mad at myself, because this is my fault.
Good thing we are going on vacation. When I get back, I should have my new hard drive within a few days. And, I'll be up and running on the HP again.
In the meantime, here I am again (just like last summer) borrowing Mr. B's trusty IBM (although trusty is an operative term; it was, after all, MY IBM that crashed last year!)
Ah, joy.
Well, at least now I know what I'll be fretting about for the next few weeks. Thank God it isn't something more serious.
Mrs. B


Mr. B said...

Honey, you'll be back up and blogging with your HP as soon as we get back.

* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

i'm not sure how i missed this blog!

i haven't thus far (knock knock on imaginary wood) dropped my laptop. however, i do frequently drop my phone.

once, i dropped one in the middle of oregon inlet. yea, that one was a loss.

next, i dropped one in the kitchen sink (full of soap and water). that one worked a couple of days after it dried out, but it always had problems.

kendal regularly drops my phone on the ground, but usually it only scratches up the sides. thus far (again, knock knock), he hasn't dropped mine out of commission. however on friday, i dropped my NEWEST phone in the silty dirt (i was in the field). now, when i press the keys, i can feel it crunching.

i think i can get a new phone in august. that is when my 2 years is up! (they should make them with protective covers for people like me.)

i hope you get a wonderful new computer that has suction cups to the counter (or is in a padded cover). :)