Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adventures in Clemmons, NC: The End

Before I wrap this up, I want to let everyone know that my sister in law/brother's baby girls arrived safely Tuesday June 10th. Sophie first, then, a few minutes later, Jacqueline. Woo hoo for the new babies and the new parents! We'll be going over to see them on Saturday once they are settled into their new home.
Ok, back to the tale of our adventures in Clemmons!

We had breakfast at the B&B Sunday morning; a nice spread of eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, etc. And, for whatever odd reason, two New York-style cheesecakes were also sitting there. Probably left over from the wedding reception they had at the B&B the evening before (BTW, EVERY time we've stayed at this B&B, there has been a wedding reception).

After breakfast, we headed over to the Par 3 golf course and driving range. After smacking 1/2 of a bucket of small balls (and not too well, I might add), we teed off. Now, this course was SHORT, meaning, the longest hole was 99 yards from tee to pin. For me, this was perfectly fine since I'm not yet (consistently) hitting my irons (no way could even I use a wood or a driver on this course). But, for poor Mr. B, he had a frustrating afternoon of using nothing higher than a wedge, not being able to take a full swing, and still hitting it too far. Me, I was almost always short. So, both of us got a good afternoon in of working on our short game; by the end of the day, I was chipping great and my putting was vastly improved (I needed this, too).

So, yeah, a short course, but, a cart WAS available if one wanted to ride. I can't begin to describe how silly this would have been (or looked).

After the 9th hole, we discovered the little club house there had beer! So, we had a nice cool Miller Lite (all they had) to savor on the back nine.

Mr. B trying not to be too frustrated!

Even though it was a short course, it was quite picturesque! And, after the 9th hole, the slow-poke father and son team in front of us took a break so we got in front of them which probably made everyone happy.

Mrs. B having a nice game

After golf, we headed over to the other courses/club house for the mandatory after golf beers. We sat up there looking out over the other courses, enjoying a nice cool breeze and our beers.

By this time, we were starving! So, we elected to go out to eat earlier than we normally do.

I'd found on-line before we left Durham a pub-type restaurant. I used Yahoo maps to get the directions from the park to the restaurant. We followed the directions to a tee, and, ended up at a trailer park. So, yeah, these map-things don't always work!

We stopped at a Starbucks and got the correct directions (the place was in the complete opposite direction of where we'd gone). The restaurant (now I am blanking on the name) was more than decent. They had good beer on draft and huge portions. We had a trio of dips (we were starving, like I said) and burgers. Other than a pesky fly that wouldn't leave us alone, we had a fine dinner.

Back to the B&B for cards, reading, etc. Strangely enough, there was a bag of candy on the stairs leading up to our room. One of those miniature size ones of M&Ms, Snickers, etc. Well, me thinking of Hansel of Gretel, we did NOT partake.

The next morning we had breakfast (this time the cook made it fresh for us; refer to one of my previous blog entries about tipping). Then, it was time to load up and drive back home.

So, our adventure in Clemmons NC 2008 was a huge success. I'm sure we'll do something very similar next year!

Mrs. B

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* a . n . a . l . e . e * said...

if i played on that course, i may actually score less than 100! haha. i'm really really bad.