Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Queen of Cups Runneths Over With Challenges

My Queen of Cups challenge has been most decidedly that this week. I’m not sure I’m rising to the occasion as well as I could be, but, at least I am thinking about how I am responding to situations/people and whether my behavior has been ok or something I should strive to improve on.

But, LORDY! What a week to have drawn this particular card. Or, as I wrote earlier, perhaps there was a reason that I drew this particular card and a reason why I chose to assign myself the challenge that I did.

As a reminder, I assigned myself the chores of:

· Focus on developing many of this queen’s attributes within myself:

o Sensitivity, inspiration, morals, intuition, calmness, serenity.

§ Follow my intuitions regarding people and situations.

§ Pay attention to my dreams and what they may be telling me.

§ Practice kindness and patience.

§ Lead by example.

I realize I used the word “chores”; maybe that wasn’t my original intent but it sure has felt like work this week.

Let me step back and say that I’m really trying to get at two issues here. The first is a) how I perceive/feel about a given situation and the second is b) how I react to and/or what I do about that same situation.

It probably goes without saying that “a” will likely determine “b”, so, the majority of my effort should likely go there.

An age old dilemma for me has been how to deal with a situation I don’t like in a positive manner. That seems like it should be easy enough, but, sadly, it’s not. I don’t mean something happens that I don’t like so I run off and do something negative. What I mean is, something happens that I don’t like and, almost immediately, I take a negative/heavy hearted view of it and get all worked up. This may or may not lead to me behaving towards others in a way that doesn’t jive with “queenly attributes”, but, it most definitely will set me simmering in a stew pot.

Folks, I just can’t STAND being taken advantage of OR blowing off something that I believe to be wrong. I have an extremely difficult time shrugging my shoulders and thinking, “Oh well! It’s not that big of a deal”. So, back to A and B, I suppose with the A, I have to seriously contemplate whether it is in fact a big deal or not. If anyone has some sort of trick to doing this, I’d be terribly interested in hearing about it.

Quite honestly, I do believe that the majority of the issues we've been hit with this week have been ones that had to be dealt with. You get too many of these at once, it becomes almost impossible to not take a negative view.

I was going to compile a list of things I’ve been struggling with this week but, as I’m writing this, I’m boring myself with my whining. So, I won’t. Suffice it to say, come next week, I’m betting that I’ll still be struggling with this.

Mrs. B

PS. Some humor. I went online to find a picture of "cups running over" to post with this entry. I couldn't find one with a cup full of crap, so I had to settle for this one. However, I first put into Google search "A cup full" and, low and behold, a ca-zillion pictures of boobies spilling out of bras popped up. One best be careful for what one asks for.


Analee said...

oh, sounds like you need a cruise. ;)

the boobs comment is funny though. but seriously, i suppose one should always carefully pick battles, even if several worth pickin' come at once. maybe the card you picked this week was a warning of what was to come!

if i can help, let me know. like, kicking some durham booty. that is what SILs are for. ha!

Mrs. B said...

If I need your booty kickin' services, I'll be sure to let you know!

We DID book a cruise, albeit, a short one. Leaves on N's b-day.

Would have absolutely LOVED to go on the cruise with y'all BUT it's T-Giving Weekend and we do have family to visit with here.

One of these days, we'll need to preplan a joint cruise. Would love that.

Analee said...

glad you have one booked. that's all you need, really, is one up and coming (no matter the company). :)

hope your next week is better - and more relaxing for your brain (and patience)!

and by the way, i gave a lady your "open closet" sale idea today - she loved it! like you, she used to dress up for work. now, she works from home - and has tons of designer suits and other clothes she'll "never wear and that don't fit anyway" as she put it.