Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lovely Florida Weekend!

Almost perfect weather here in SW Florida yesterday. Got to love it. No, don't "got to," DO love it!

We finally managed to get a nice size planter/plant out on the front porch. Actually, it's a bougainvillea, which I believe is technically a woody vine although you can train it to resemble a tree. Not a cheap endeavor but it does add something to the ambiance. We think we'll keep some annuals planted around the base of the vine. We opted for marigolds, in honor of fall (plus they are hearty little things).

We spent the better part of the late afternoon hanging out on our lanai. Lucy was in good spirits while she awaited her nightly olive.

I love the look on her face; pure anticipation!

Later we enjoyed a pink hued sunset as Mr. B grilled our steaks and corn. Since it was still so nice outside, we opted to eat dinner out on the lanai; lingering over our glasses of Pinot Noir while listening to Beethoven's 9th.


Today, we think we'll go hang out at one of the area's famous beach-y-shack-y places,
Hope everyone else is having as nice of a weekend as we are!

Mrs. B

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